• Bored...

    • This is my personal favorite section of this site. I get to play a little and combat my own personal boredom at the same time!
    • This list of suggestions is meant more to motivate you to be creative and fight boredom in your own ways.
    • I have added some suggestions that have nothing to do with P.E. on purpose, just because I thought they were fun.
    • Be creative, be safe, and imagine new ideas to play and have fun! 

    NOTE: I can't stress enough that being creative is amazing, as long as you are being Respectful, On Task, Always Safe, and Responsible (R.O.A.R) with everyone in your household. 

    Suggestions 1) Make your very own cooking show, just for fun!                                                           

    Suggestion 2) Plant a small garden outside.

    Suggestion 3) Do some research and find cool and fun science stuff you can do at home.

    • The Mr. Morris Science Magic Show!- I am pretty sure this has something to do with opposing forces or counter balance, there was no explanation when I saw this online? Ask Ms. Groshans... :)

    Suggestion 4) Learn some really amazing magic and impress the world! 

    • The Mr. Morris Magic Show!- Would you like to learn the trick? Try and figure it out first by watching the video a few times, you can even pause it and see if you can see how I do it. If you give up, then click HERE. If you want to get good at this trick, then make sure to practice a lot in the mirror before you try it on your first audience! :) 

    Suggestion 5) Have your parents help you blend a yummy treat!

    Suggestion 6) Call a friend and share a story about something fun or funny of something you did. Or email me at robert.morris@d11.org. I would love to hear your story!

    Suggestion 7) Go on a treasure hunt for your long long toys of the past.

    Suggestion 8) Write or type a letter of appreciation to someone who you think is making a difference in this world. You could also do a video and email it to them?

    • I am not going to post a video for this one. I think this one is personal, and I think you all get it? 

    Suggestion 9) Talk to your parents/guardians/siblings and see if they can teach you something they know how to do, that you don't. Better yet, teach someone in your home how to do something they don't know (ie. Some of the math stuff you all learn is crazy looking to some of us adults)! lol :)

    Suggestion 10) Practice a more challenging brand new skill, you have always thought was to hard, but you always wanted to learn?

    Suggestion 11) Pull out an old board game you haven't played in awhile. Don't have a board game? Try the link below to play a fun computer board fitness game.

    • LINK to fitness board game.- The dice on the bottom left is rollable if you click on it. Next to the dice there are game peices that you can move on the board as well.

    Suggestion 12) Make your own obstacle course in your house or your backyard.- BE SAFE!

    • Coming Soon... Maybe???

    Suggestion 13) Break out the old photos and take a walk down memory lane!

    Suggestion 14) Play some of your favorite music and design your own workout routine!

    Suggestion 15) Create something using paper (ie. drawing, painting, paper air plane, origami etc.)

    Suggestion 16) Use a deck of cards to work out with.

    Suggestion 17) Play some would you rather!- Thank you Kelsie McKey for this idea! You ROCK! :)