•  Family Partnership Overview

    Although these are unsettling times, one thing that has not changed is the long-standing need for parents and educators to work together for the success of their children/students. In the coming weeks, all district staff will be ready and willing to be of service to our families to the greatest degree possible. We can only be that support if we hear from you and your students regularly. We readily admit that this new “temporary normal” has challenged all staff and their families and we have no doubt this new model will need refinement along the way.

    It is our hope that families will:

    • Review the Colorado Department of Education Best Practices for Families
    • Follow all communication coming from the district to stay up to date in the dynamic time of change. Visit the Distance Learning site for new updates over time and to leave suggestions for items you would like to see
    • Reach out and engage with staff often, let us know if we can support you and do not be afraid to ask
    • Share what is working or not working directly with school and district leaders and teachers giving specific examples so we can work toward improvement
    • Set structures that work best for your family’s needs (ideas below)
    • Take time to celebrate and find small wins each day
    • Find opportunities to be creative and laugh with your students
    • Find opportunities to re-connect with your teenagers, it is a joy to see how they are growing into adulthood
    • Hold us accountable for reaching our goal of reaching 100% of our students and their families by the end of week 3/30-4/3



    We’re here to help: Please each out to your teachers. You can also visit the PPLD Brain Fuse help line if you need help with any assignments. Click here for the directory. Student log in – username = D11 network username  and password = birthdate and month (for example 1225 for Dec. 25)

    Possible Schedule

    Please use this if you feel it is helpful to structure your child’s day.

    If you have access to technology you can use it within any of the online resources/activities from the list below.

    Work in small intervals with movement breaks as needed

    • Set the stage (15 minutes) 
      • Look through the menus and gather any materials you might need and set learning goals for the day. 
    • Distance learning (2-3 hours elementary and 3-4 hours for secondary)

    In a home environment typically, learners will spend a varied amount of time on a various subjects offered within their school:

      • Math  
      • Science/Social Studies
      • Reading and Writing
      • Visual and Performing Arts
      • Physical Education/Dance
      • World Language
      • Social-Emotional Learning

    Break/Snack/Movement/Reflection (60 minutes)

      • Follow the lead of your child and take breaks as needed.
      • Eat lunch and take time to get outside or move around inside. 
      • Reflection on learning deepens understanding and connections in topics. Click Here

    Important Information

    • Each day of distance learning students may choose at least one activity from each subject area page.


      • OR: Students can design their own choice board on the blank copy linked below.Click Here               
      • OR: Students can log in to Khan Academy and explore different topics.  Click Here
    • Students will benefit from engaging with academic materials daily in order to maintain skills.  Learning at home provides opportunities that the classroom may not and we encourage families to capitalize on those experiences as well.
    • Set goals: setting daily goals with your learner for what will be accomplished daily can help to make tasks meaningful and build confidence and learning. 
    • You do not need to complete all of the activities, and we recognize that not every activity is the best fit for every child.   Please feel free to use combinations of menu items from different grade levels to meet learner needs.
    • You may also use any of the digital resources at the end of these menus and within the additional pages at d11.org/distancelearning(such as virtual field trips, gifted and talented, etc.) as a supplement if your child has access to technology. 

    Do you want to see more sample schedules to find a fit for your family?  Click Here 

    Do you want to print a daily goals page to log learning choices?  Click Here                              

    Do you want to print a daily learning log? Click Here