• Week of April 6th-10th (Math) - Video and practice problems on Schoology

    ♥ Lesson A: Adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fractions

    ♥ Lesson B: Integer Review (adding, subtracting, multiplication, division) 

    ♥ Lesson C: One step Equation Review with inverse operations. 

     Week of April 6th-10th (Reading/ELA)-Video and practice on Schoology

    ♥ Lesson A: Phonics and sight words 

    ♥ Lesson B: Vocabulary review 

    ♥ Lesson C: Reading Comprehension (infomrational text types w/main idea practice)


    Week of April 13th-April 17th (Reading in Schoology- Course Name: ELA/Reading Support)

    ♥ Lesson A: Phonics and Sight Words

    ♥ Lesson B: Writing and Editing 

    ♥ Lesson C: Reading Comprehension (main idea and text structure) 

    Week of April 13th-17th (Math in Schoology- Course Name: Math Support)

     Lesson A: Representing and Comparing Decimal Fractions 

    ♥ Lesson B: Adding and Subtracting Integers 

    ♥ Lesson C: Two-Step Equations