• Movement Skills

    Movement Skills are the skill you use when you are moving your body with control. An example would be running and then jumping over or onto something.

     The directions are to get you started. For your "equipment" use things you can safely do the activity with, it doesn't have to exactly what is mentioned in the directions. Mr. Poole wants you to feel free to change and add to the activities as you want and need. I may give you some "Creative Ideas" to help you get your brain going, but I want you to make it your activity!


  • Locomotor Chalk Course

    We are going to practice our locomotor skills. 

    Walk, Gallop, Side Slide, Hop (one foot), Jump (two feet), Skip,  Leap, Power Walk, Run.

    Create a Number Pond, directions below: 

    Number Pond

    Grab your sidewalk chalk and head outside to create a number pond.

    Write the numbers 1-20 in a safe place, like maybe your driveway or the sidewalk. Spread the numbers out in a large area, you don't want them to be too close together because you are going to move from number-to-number practicing your locomotor skills. Scatter your numbers so they are all mixed up!

    Don't forget to draw a starting line.

    Start on the line and begin walking from 1 to 2, 3, 4, 5, etc. Next, move on to galloping and then the rest of your locomotor skills. For challenge you can try doing them backwards!

    If you don't have chalk or you cannot go outside, use things inside your house to create spots to move from one to the other. For example, you can use a towel, socks, toys (just be careful and don't land on anything that could hurt your feet) 

    Demonstrate your locomotor skills to your family, see if they remember how to do all the skills. Teach them if they don’t!

    Here's a video exampe of using your Number Pond - Number Pond Demo


  • Speed and Agility Practice

    Speed - How fast I can move from one point to another.

    Agility - My ability to change Speeds, Levels, and Directions with out losing by Ballance (falling down).

    Here are some cool Speed and Agility exercises that will help move skillfully in all kinds of activities you choose to play in life.

    Be sure to check the Equipment Substitutions at the bottom of the pages!

    Speed and Agility Drills


  • Become a Super Jumper!

    Whether you are jumping rope, jumping to catch a ball or jumping over cracks in the sidewalk, jumping is an activity that you do  A LOT.  Even though our bodies can jump without us having to think about it, jumping uses nearly every muscle in the body. The following activities will show you to jumping activities that will strengthen your muscles, improve your balance, make you sweat, and will be sure to leave you jumping for joy!

    Jumping Task Card


  • Super Mover - Balance and Agility

    Every movement you make requires both balance and agility. Whether you’re walking a tightrope, playing a game of football, or just chasing after a friend the key to your success starts with balance and agility! Balance is our ability to stay upright or stable while agility is our ability to move quickly and easily. When we combine good balance and agility, it allows our bodies to move quickly and precisely. The following activities are designed to improve your body’s balance and agility.

    Balance and Agility Task Card


  • Figure 8 Footwork

    Improve you Skill Compnents with these fun drills. Your brain and body will thank you! Use anything safe for cones, polyspots, etc.

    Figure 8 Footwork


  • Movement Drills Used by Elite Athelets

    Try these different Movement Drills that some of the worlds best use. You can train your brain and body just like them! Use anything safe for cones, polyspots, etc.

    Movement Drills



  • Skill Related Fitness Tasks

    Try these fun Skill Related Fitness tasks. See how you improve with practice!

    Skill Related Fitness Tasks


  • Madagascar Jungle Jumping Adventure

    Let's go on an adventure through the jungle!

    Jumping Adventure


  • Sidewalk Calculator

    Make a giant calculator and have fun using your jumping skills to do math. Be creative with your jumps and use all the diferent ways you know how to jump, hop, leap, turn, etc.

     Sidewalk Calculator


  • Stuffed Animal and Pillow Challenge

    Have a blast and work on your movement skills in this fun activity. After you do it using power walking, challenge yourself with more locomotor skills - jump, hop, gallop, skip, slide step, etc.

    Stuffed Animal & Pillow Challenge