• Fitness Activities make your body healthier by improving your Health Components of Fitness.

     The directions are to get you started. For your "equipment" use things you can safely do the activity with, it doesn't have to exactly what is mentioned in the directions. Mr. Poole wants you to feel free to change and add to the activities as you want and need. I may give you some "Creative Ideas" to help you get your brain going, but I want you to make it your activity!


  • PE Game Board

    Check out this cool online PE Game Board created by Saskia Baas, an awesome Physical Education Teacher in Europe.

    Star Jumps in Europe are what we call Jumping Jacks.

    PE Game Board


  • 1 Minute Fitness Activities

    You’re going to complete a series of 1-Minute Fitness Challenges. Remember to change any equipment to anything you have that can be used safely. Use a wall if you don't have a partner right now!

    1 Minute Fitness Activities


  • Train with Batman!

    Train along with The Dark Knight on the rooftops of the Gotham Police Department. Get yourself crime fighting ready! Just click the link below to follow along with the Caped Crusader. You have 30 secs work and 10 secs rest. Perform these 6 exercises twice round. Remember, Batman has been training lots. If you get tired during an exercise, just slow down and do as many as you can.

    Your Exercises :-


    COBBLEPOT KICKS - 30secs

    BANE BLASTS - 30secs

    COBBLEPOT KICKS - 30secs


    GRAYSON GRAPPLE - 30secs

    Batman Training Video



  • Bottle Flip Fitness

    Flip a water bottle two times to determine your exercise. Click here to get the activity card > Bottle Flip Fitness


  • Jedi Training

    Follow along with the Jedi Master and use THE FORCE!

    Each exercise is 30secs work with 10secs rest.

    Your Exercises :- FORCE BLASTS - 30sec LANDO LUNGES - 30secs FORCE STRIKES - 30secs QUI-GON CRUNCH - 30secs BRIDGER BLOCKS - 30secs


    Jedi Kids Workout


  • Flexibity Poses

    Flexibility is very imporatnt, that's why it is one of the Health Components of Fitness. It's often not worked on like the others Helath Components. Let's work on it now! Do the tasks two or more rounds to get the full bbenefits. You will feel good afterwards with your body all loose and stretched.

    Flexibility Poses


  • Train with the Avengers!

    Train along with THE MIGHTY AVENGERS and get yourself ready to help defend earth and save the universe. You have 8 ROUNDS of 20secs work and 10secs rest between each round.

    Your Exercises :- DRAX PUNCHES - 20sec REST - 10secs SUPER SOLDIERS - 20secs REST - 10secs ASGARD SMASH - 20secs REST - 10secs INFINITY SQUATS - 20secs REST - 10secs HYDRA PUNCHES - 20secs REST - 10secs SPIDEY KICKS - 20secs REST - 10secs INFINITY JUMPS - 20secs REST - 10secs WAR MACHINES - 20secs REST

    Avengers Training


  • Spinner Exercise Board

    On a piece of paper create a spinner board. You don't have to have a fidget spinner, you can use anything that will spin includiing a pencil. You can use any of the example boards, pick the exercise you like from each, or add any exercises you want. Have fun!

    Spinner Board


  • Cha Cha Planks

    Try this awesome fitness activity that uses the "Cha Cha Slide" song and Planks.

    Cha Cha Planks


  • Dice Fitness Boards

    Use these fitness boards and dice and have fun working on your Health Components of Fitness. Each turn use the next board so you mix up the components and can play longer.

    Dice Fitness Boards


  • This or That Tabata

    You get to choose a side each round and then have fun with this great way to work on fitness.

    This or That Tabata