• PE Balls Manipulative skills are motor skills involving an object and improve your Skill Components of Fitness.

     The directions are to get you started. For your "equipment" use things you can safely do the activity with, it doesn't have to exactly what is mentioned in the directions. Mr. Poole wants you to feel free to change and add to the activities as you want and need. I may give you some "Creative Ideas" to help you get your brain going, but I want you to make it your activity!


  • King Physical Education Choice Board

    Mr. Poole created this Physical Education Choice Board to have you really apply your skills and knowledge that you have worked so hard to build in PE. Do as many of the activities that interest you! 

    King PE Choice Board


  • Kung Fu Catching

    Complete the number of catches to earn each belt.

    Creative ideas - You can do this with a partner or more people. You can also do it alone and get fancy with your catches or movements before you catch. Make it your activity!

    Kung Fu Catching


  • Jump Rope Rhymes

    You can do these with a Short rope (your own rope) or a Long rope (2 Turners and 1 or more Jumpers). You could also do them with an Invisable Jump Rope.

    Jump Rope Rhymes


  • Bean Bag or Sock Ball Locomotor and Manipulative Tasks

    We are going to have fun exploring movement with Beans Bag or Sock Balls. Find some safe space and grab a family member if you want! Do PART 1 only and save PART 2 for another time or do BOTH!

    Creative Idea- You can use any object that you can safely toss and catch.

    Bean Bag or Sock Ball Locomotor and Manipulative Tasks


  • Mr. Poole's Striking Challenge

    This activity can be done with just your hands or with a Paddle/Racquet. Start with Level 1 and see how many levels you can you get through. The scale below is your goals.

    GOOD x10      GREAT x20      AMAZING x30                          

     Level 1 - I can drop the ball and hit up in the air (non-continuous).

    Level 2 - I can continuously hit the ball in the air with a bounce in between.

    Level 3 - I can continuously hit the ball in the air with a bounce in between, while moving around the space.

    Level 4 - I can hit the ball in the air continuously without it touching the floor.

    Level 5 - I can hit the ball continuously in the air using alternate sides of my racket, without it touching the floor.


  • Balloon Striking

    Here is some proactice using your coordination. Click on the link to try some Ballon Striking challenges. Remember to keep your eye on your balloon!

    Balloon Striking


  • Let's Learn to Juggle!

    You don't have to have Juggling scarves, use plastic grocery bags! They work great. Run you had down them though so they arer't open, but squished closed (not balled up).

    Check out this great video that will teach step by step - How to Juggle 1,2, and 3 Scarves

     You can also use this Task Card to also help you learn Juggling - Grocery Bag/Scarf Juggling Task Card


  • Ball Handling

    Practice your Dribble, Pass, and Shoot skills with this Skill Card.

    You don't need a basketball, Use any ball that bounces!

    Ball Handling Task Card


  • Move Up Toss Game

    Check out this cool and intense Tossing game!

    Move Up Toss


  • Scarf or Grocery Bag Toss and Catch Tasks

    Use a scarf or a squished plastic grocery bag (don't ball it up though) and see how you improve with these tasks.

    Scarf or Grocery Bag Toss and Catch


  • Jump Rope Skills and Tricks

    Practice your Jump Rope Skills and Tricks.

    Jump Rope Skills and Tricks


  • Quick Cuts - Dribbling (Foot or Hand)

    Check out this dribbling activity, It's written for foot dribbling, but you can also do it with hand dribbling. Get creative and make your own course! Use anything you can dribble around as "cones".

    Quick Cuts


  • Volleying Skills

    Practice yiour striking and volleying skills with these activities. Use any safe ball you can strike with your hands.

    Volleying Skills


  • Fun with Scoops

    Make your own toss and catch scoop by carefully cutting the bottom off of a plastic milk jug. Practice your thowing and catching!

    Fun with Scoops