• Schoology Schoology Use your District 11 login (firstname.lastname@d11.org) and network password to login to Schoology.  Click COURSES in the top blue ribbon to find your correct class.

    Code.org Code.org Code.org is a non-profit dedicated to expanding participation in computer science

    Typing.com Typing.com offers keyboard lessons and games; class goal is to increase your WPM (words per minute) and try your best to use home row position.  Sign in with your District 11 Google account.

    Khan Academy Khan Academy empowers learners to learn at their own pace using practice exercises, instructional videos, and a learning dashboard.  Video Production classes utilize the Pixar in a Box lessons

    CS First  Google CS First with Scratch Google computer science educators teamed up with MIT's Scratch to teach kids to code using block-based programming.  Lego EV3 class uses the game-design unit.

    Adobe Spark Video Adobe Spark Video is designed to make video production a breeze on both iPads and web-based. 

    Photopea Photopea is a free online photo or image editor.

    Word Art Word Art is an online word cloud generator.

    Virtual Tours Virtual Field Trips Visit virtual museums, zoos, aquariums, National Parks, or even the surface of Mars.