• 2nd Grade Distance Learning Links

    Listed below are the various distance learning programs the second-grade team will be utilizing until we are all back in the classroom. We included links to the websites and the apps for those of you using tablets. We recommend bookmarking each link or downloading the apps to help students log-in quicker on their own. Hopefully, student passwords will automatically be saved into your devices. Our goal is for students to become as independent in this process as possible.


    * Schoology will be your virtual classroom. Here, you will find your daily assignments, instructions, and important links. Always start your learning day in Schoology.

    Schoology (Website)

    Schoology (Apple Store)

    Schoology (Google Play)

    Mr. Roth's Online Classroom <-- This link takes you directly to Mr. Roth's Schoology website.

    Ms. Pike's Online Classroom <-- This link takes you directly to Ms. Pike's Schoology website.



    * ConnectEd is how you will access your online Wonders language arts curriculum. Here, you will access our weekly stories, vocabulary, and games.

    ConnectEd (Website)

    ConnectEd (Apple Store)

    ConnectEd (Google Play)

    Amplify Reading:

    * Amplify Reading is an instructional reading program that adapts to your individual needs. The program identifies individual reading deficits and supports you in developing these important literacy skills. There is no app for this program that we could find so make sure you create a bookmark or shortcut for this website.

    Amplify Reading (Website)

    Khan Academy:

    * Khan Academy will be your online math curriculum. Here, you will find short video lessons and quizzes to test what you have learned. We will assign lessons that closely mirror what we would have been teaching in the classroom.

    Khan Academy (Website)

    Khan Academy (Apple Store)

    Khan Academy (Google Play)

    ST Math (JiJi):

    * ST Math (or as students call it “JiJi”) is an instructional math program that focuses on developing conceptual understanding of the different second-grade math concepts. Teachers do not have access to JiJi passwords but you should have them memorized. If you don't remember your password, let your teacher know and they will try to retrieve it.

    ST Math (Website)

    ST Math (Apple Store)

    ST Math (Google Play)