• Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s),

    The Cognitive Abilities Test, (CogAT-7), will be administered online to all second and sixth grade students in District 11 during the months of October and November. The CogAT measures general reasoning abilities in three domains: verbal, quantitative, and nonverbal. The universal screening process, facilitated by Educational and Data Support Services and the Gifted and Talented Department, allows for all 2nd and 6th grade students to participate in a cognitive assessment where individual results can help recognize exceptional ability and/or gifted potential. The scores, reported in national percentiles by age using the most current norms, provide a cognitive snapshot helping parents and school staff better understand individual learners. Teachers and administrators will have access to student scores in December. Parents may request this information by contacting the school. Students who complete all three sections of the assessment will receive a score profile. A brief description of the child’s learned reasoning abilities can be found when entering the profile on the following website: http://www.hmhco.com/cogat/cogatprofile

    It is not possible to study for this type of test. Parent(s)/Guardian(s), however, can help their child come to school prepared by assuring a good night’s sleep and adequate breakfast. Please contact the Gifted & Talented Resource Teacher or Principal at your school if you want to opt your child out and not have them take the Cognitive Abilities Test.

    Eric Mason, Director of Assessment

    Kristin Balsick, Gifted & Talented Facilitator 

    Cognitive Abilities Test Parent Notification Letter 2018  

    Espanol Carta a los Padres CogAT


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