• All 8th Graders, both Greys Peak and Pikes Peak, will follow this schedule:

    Check D11 email for links to WebEx meetings.


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  • Tuesday

    Live Instruction

    Core 1 8:30a.m.- 9:00a.m.

    Core 2 9:10a.m.- 9:40a.m.

    Core 3 9:50a.m.- 10:20a.m.

    Core 4 10:30a.m.- 11:00a.m.


    Wednesday – Friday 

    Office Hours

    9-9:30 Core 1

    9:30-10 Core 2

    10-10:30 Core 3

    10:30-11 Core 4


    If you are unable to make the scheduled office hours for your core, you can try to get your questions answered during another open office hour.
    You can also email your teacher for support or schedule a private Webex meeting.  

    Special Education support will be available during Core Office hours and additional Special Education office hours are available from 11:30-12. See the Special Education page for more information.