• Jackson Elementary Fitness Aphabet Challenge

    • There will be a new word each day posted in Schoology.
    • You need to do the exercises associated with the letters for the word of the day.
    • Example: If your word of the day was BEGIN, you would do the exercise for B (jumping jacks), E (Wall Sit), G (Mountain Climbers), I (Planks), N (Triceps Dips).

      A: 20 Crunches
      B: 20 Jumping Jacks 

      C: 5 Pushups
      D: 10 Squats
      E: 20-Second wall sit
      F: 10 Plank Jacks
      G: 10 Mountain climbers 
      H: 5 Burpees
      I: 30-Second plank
      J: 10 Horizontal scissor lifts
      K: 10 Lunges
      L: 20 Crunches
      M: 20 High Knees
      N: 10 Triceps dips
      O: 10 Pushups
      P: 20 Squats
      Q: 15 Mountain climbers 
      R: 40-Second plank
      S: 20 Bicycle Crunches
      T: 40-Second Wall Sit
      U: 10 Burpees
      V: 20 Plank Jacks
      W: 15 Lunges (each leg)
      X: 15 Pushups
      Y: 30 High Knees
      Z: 12 Burpees

      For an extra challenge try to spell the word three times each day (3 sets of each letter)!!

    How to do Each Exercise


    Jumping Jacks



    Wall Sit

    Plank Jacks

    Mountain Climbers



    Scissor Lifts

    Forward Lunges- Notice how the back knee does NOT touch the ground.

    High Knees Running In Place

    Triceps Dips

    Bicycle Crunch