• There are two different files to look at.  You may choose one or two of the different types of slime and answer the comprehension questions.  The questions do not have to go with the Borox slime.  You may answer them accordingly to the recipe you choose.  You will find the questions under the file titled Super Glue Sime and Comprehsion Questions.   

  • This assignment is for ALL students.  It is a STEM activity which your birds will love!  In the link below it will give the directions to the activity.  You will need some supplies.  Please take a picture and put it on Class Story so we all can see your finished project!  Have some fun and be creative.  They do not have to look like the example.  

  • Log on to Scholastic and complete articles, videos and available assignments with it.   Everyone (including 2nd grade) can click on the 3rd grade level.

    Password is moin2020

  • For the week of April 27-May 1 please complete work pages. 

    2nd grade

    Please write the problem and your answers on to a sheet of paper.  You have 5 pages for this week on place value.  You may choose to split the assignment between Tuesday and Thursday.  I'd like you to take a picture of ONE of the pages and send it to me on dojo.  

    3rd grade,

    Please write the problem and your answer on to a sheet of paper.   You have 7 pages to complete for this week.  You need to complete them on Tuesday and Thursday.  When finished you may take a picture of TWO of the pages and send it to me on dojo. 

  • Student Work! 

     Good morning students!!!!   Please complete the 2/3 Work log for this week.  


    2/3 Work Log