• Letter to Parents and Students

    Dear West Elementary Families,

    • This is the website that I will be posting the assignments for Physical Education, K-5th Grade. My assignment for all students to participate in the West Fitness Challenge competition between the classes of West Elementary.
    • Below is a Choice Board of activity ideas from dance to gymnastics and yoga to fitness. Choice Boards will be updated weekly so check back for new ideas each week.
    • Keep track of any minutes that you do a physical activity and then insert you minutes into the Fitness Log.
    • Minutes will be posted by class in our competition graph so that you can see your progress against the rest of the school!
    • Continue uploading your minutes until we return back to school or until the end of the school year. You will see the graph of each classroom's total activity minutes as they accumulate.

    Let's see which classroom will take home the trophy from this West Fitness Challenge!!!

  • Choice Boards for PE Activities

    Choice Board: K-2nd Grades, 5/11-5/15 (click here)

    Choice Boards: 3rd-5th Grades, 5/11-5/15 (click here)

    • Follow the link below to get to the Choice Boards. You will see many different ideas. Follow the link and do anything or everything that you see there.
    • Getting moving counts as Physical Activity. Any time your heart is beating faster than resting on the couch, you get to count your minutes. Some ideas that are not on this Google Document are: biking, hiking, playing a sport (by yourself or with a sibling), running around the backyard or street. Any activity counts so make sure to log your minutes!
    • Remember to keep track of your minutes and insert them to the Google Form!! The class with the most minutes wins. Get out there and get moving!

    Extra Choice Activities 

    Physical Education At-Home Activities (click here)

  • Fitness Log


    Log your minutes after every activity into this fitness log.

    You will tell me the following information:

    1. Whats your name? (ex: Justin Jergensen)
    2. Who's class you are in? (ex: Mrs. Yenne's)
    3. What was the activity you did? (ex: Grove it Out Youtube Video)
    4. How many minutes did you participate in the activity? (ex: 20 mintues)
    5. Post a picture of yourself doing the activity. (optional)

    Fitness Log (click here)

    • All results are kept private and concealed. No one except for myself has access to the form or it's data.
    • Logging activities is unlimited, so log your time after each activity you choose.

    I will keep track of all your minutes and make a graph to show you how your class is doing compared to the rest of the school. Good luck and may the most active class win!!

  • West Fitness Challenge Results (5/15/2020)

    1. Mrs. Beaudreau's Class - 10,133 minutes
    2. Mrs. Ackerman's Class - 9,331 minutes
    3. Mrs. Moin's Class - 7,890 minutes
    • West Staff Members - 19,430 minutes
    • West Elementary Total - 89,604 minutes


    We have reached our 75,000 minute goal!! Way to go Wolves!!

West Fitness Challenge Results (4-7-2020)