• Fitness/Wellness Links: The following videos are a small sample of fitness/wellness videos I found online. I hope that many of these will give everyone an opportunity to try something new and maybe have some fun! With any physical activity, please make sure to be careful and pace yourself. 

     Yoga for Kids 1    Yoga for Kids 2    Zumba for Kids 1    Zumba for Kids 2    Tai Chi for Beginners

    Family Fun Cardio Workout    Stretching for Kids    Warm-ups for Kids    Shadow Boxing for Kids    Basic Juggling for Kids

    Stretching and Balance Video 20 Minutes    Breathing and Stretching Calming Monkey    Breath Meditation for Kids    Alphabet Exercise    25 Minutes Kids Workout Routine

    9 Minute Exercise Routine for Kids    3 Minute Meditation for Kids    6 Minutes Arm Workout    Rainbow Breath Flow from GoNoodle    Student Request Some very cool soccer skill development drills for small areas

    Balance    A LARGE selection of physical activities like games, dances, exercises etc.    Would You Rather    Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure