• Dance is FUN!

    Dance Links: Many of these dances come from the District 11 Physical Education spark curriculum, and others are ones I just thought looked fun. 

    Mexican Hat Dance    Monkey See, Monkey Do    Crabbing Around    The Conga    Seven Jumps    Tanantella

    The Bouncer    Alley Cat    

    5-6-7-8    Mambo #5    Pata Pata    Irish Jig    Achy Breaky Heart    Cotton Eyed Joe

    California Strut    Alunelul

    Chicken Dance    The Macarena    The Electric Slide    Cupid Shuffle       Cha Cha Slide

    Baby Shark    Hokey Pokey    Trolls September Warmup Dance    Boohbah    Brain Breaks

    Parents learn to FLOSS!    Kids Dance Songs 20 Minute Playlist Children Love to Sing    Kids Bop Dances    Learn some cool and fun looking dance moves    Go Noodle Fun