• You Can Do It!  


    • Not meant to be completed in one day!
    • Each challenge may be done in chunks (ie. 10 sets of 10reps over 10 days = 100). 
    • Many of the challenges have links next to them, explaining how to do them.
    • Safety: Please feel free to modify any of these challenges for your, fitness level, ability, safety, health etc., but don’t be afraid to safely challenge yourself (ie. #9 do 3 times!)
    • Once completed, feel free to do the challenge again and change the amount to challenge yourself! 
    • Fitness is more fun when we do it together! You may want to do this as a family?
    • Stay safe, have fun, and remember, laughing and smiling are extremely healthy for you and everyone around you! 

    I can... 

    1) perform 50 jumping jacks. _____ How to do jumping jack- HINT: SLOW DOWN!-----Jumping Jacks 2

    2) perform a wall sit for 1 minute. _____ How to do a wall sit: Try to make sure your legs are at 90 degrees

    3) research online with my parents/guardians, what foods would be considered “brain healthy foods,” and why they are considered brain healthy foods. _____ Top 8 Brain Foods

    4) hop on one foot for 10 minutes, when I move anywhere in my home. _____ How to Hop: For P.E. hopping and jumping are not the same thing

    5) go online with my parents/guardians and find out how much water I am supposed to drink a day, and then follow that for at least 3 days. _____ How Much Water Should Kids Drink Everyday----Importance of Drinking Water

    6) perform the complete chicken dance song with movements and the song (online). _____ Chicken Dance------Funny Chicken Song

    7) perform 50 wall push-ups. _____ Modified Wall Push-Up-----Learning to do straight leg push-ups-----Bent Knee Push-ups

    8) perform a basic plank for 1 minute. _____ Basic Plank-----The Four-Minute Advanced Plank Workout

    9) clean my entire room spotlessto my parent's satisfaction, and keep it clean for an entire day! _____  Clean Room- Hint: Shoving your clothes in the closet or under your bed is not cleaning!

    10) tell my parents/guardians the 6 skill components without looking at this paper. (Power, Coordination, Reaction Time, Agility, Balance, Speed). Also, discuss what each of these words mean. _____ 6 Components of Skill Related Fitness

    11) perform 50 butt kicks while running in place. _____ Butt Kicks

    12) high knees run in place for 1 minutes at a comfortable pace. ____ High Knees

    13) walk-fly with my arms outstretched, like I am a superhero for 10 minutes any time I move around my home (no jumping off stuff, be safe!) Flying

    14) complete 25 crab push-ups. _____ Crab Push-ups

    15) do housework of my choice without my parents asking me (ask your parents' permission first please. It must be also be something new and something that actually helps the whole house and not just yourself). _____ My room is clean, so I cleaned my daughter's room

    16) go online with my parents/guardians and learn and perform a new line dance of our choice. _____. Link to my dance page with a ton of dances you could try

    17) perform 50 alternating leg lunges. Alternating Forward Leg Lunges 

    18) crab walk for 10 minutes, if I choose to move anywhere in my home. _____ Crab Crawl

    19) march in place and each time my knee comes up, I will touch my knee to my elbow 50 times. _____ March Elbow to Knee

    20) say something sincerely kind to a single family member at least 5 times during the day. _____ I did this with my daughter, and I could tell it made her happy. :)

    21) dance to my favorite music for 20 minutes. _____ Mr. Morris AMAZING dance moves!!! :)

    22) tell my parents/guardians the four parts of the “FITT principle” (frequency, intensity, time, and type)Also, discuss what each of these words mean. _____ F.I.T.T. Principle

    23) create my own dance routing, to music of my choice, and perform it for my family _____ (it must have at least 4 different moves of your choice). _____ 4 easy repeatable moves to the beat of your chosen music

    24) learn and perform at least 20 different stretches _____ (you may need to go online with your parents/guardians to research stretches). _____ How many stretches do you already know?

    25) complete one yogameditationZumba OR other fitness session online (you will need to go online with your parents to complete this challenge unless you have someone in your home that already knows how do to these, and is willing to help you). _____ This is a link to my page, which I think is a great place to start

    26) skip all over my house for 2 minutes Skipping

    27) perform 50 ski jumpers. _____ Ski Jumps

    28) shadow box for 2 minutes (stay clear of anything you can break, including siblings and parents!). _____ Shadow Boxing- Remember you are boxing the air and not anyone else!

    29) perform 30 burpees in a safe space. _____ Burpees for Beginners

    30) perform 50 calf raises while holding onto the back of a chair. _____ Calf Raises

    31) jump rope 100 times (if you do not own a jump rope, then jump with an imaginary jump rope). _____ Jumprope for Kids-----Fun Jump Rope Tricks

    32) tell my parents/guardians the 5 health components without looking at this paper. (Muscular Endurance, Body Composition, Flexibility, Muscular Strength, Cardiovascular Endurance). Also, discuss what each of these words mean. _____ The Five Components of Health Related Fitness

    33) double talk for 10 minutes with any words I say (do-do, you-you, understand-understand?). _____ I think double talking is FUN! For an extra challenge try TRIPLE talking!!!

    34) perform 50 squats with only my body weight. _____ Body Weight Squats

    35) research with a parent/guardian online and learn 5 basic tumbling moves and perform at least 2 (only if there is room and you have a safe space to do them, otherwise just learn them only) _____. Beginning Tumbling---You don't have a mat, so only do those that you can safely do without a mat (skip the round off for sure).

    36) invent my own SAFE challenge/game that I can complete inside my home (Be safe!). _____ This is your chance to just be creative. Think about what you have and make a game with your own imagination!!!

    37) perform 30 standing long jumps in a safe wide-open area. _____ Standing Long Jump

    38) go online with my parents/guardians and try a Zumba class or research a kid dance video and perform it (maybe baby shark? Or any kids dance). ____ Link to the dances I have on this site

    39) go for a walk with a parent/guardian/sibling around your neighborhood outside (only if possible, and if not then walk inside). _____ Going for my walk

    40) hold a pushup halfway down for 20 seconds. _____ Push-up Half Way Down

    41) perform 50 crunches. _____ Crunches

    42) tell a parent/guardian 5 things in my life that I am grateful for _____ 1) You Pumpkinheads, 2) My daughter, 3) Laughter 4) All my senses 5) My life (I shared this with a really good friend of mine and I felt better! :)

    43) spend 10 minutes playing any safe physical indoor activity I want to. I dusted off the Wii and played some wii sports bowling.

    44) skip for 30 minutes, if I choose to move anywhere in my home. _____  Skipping

    45) perform 20 squat jumps. _____ Squat Jump

    46) see how many push-ups I can do in 1 minute. _____ Push-ups

    47) hold my arms out on the side and roll my arms forwards 50 times. _____ Forward Arm Roll

    48) hold my arms out on the side and roll my arms backwards 50 times. _____ Backward arm roll

    49) throw a ball stepping with my opposite foot 50 times (if you are inside, then use an imaginary ball, but make sure to start with feet side by side each time you throw). _____ Throwing

    50) draw a picture of my favorite activity/game/sport etc. and then explain the picture to a sibling or my parents/guardians. _____ 

    51) perform 50 mountain climbers. _____ Mountain Climbers

    52) run in place as fast as you can for 1 minute. _____ Run in place fast

    53) perform 50 lateral (right/left) jumps. _____ Jumping Side to Side

    54) research “Deep Breathing Exercises” online with a parent/guardian and perform 5 of these exercises, or 1 entire video. _____ Rainbow Breath - Flow GoNoodle

    55) create/invent a new game for physical education and write out the game rules/procedures to give to Mr. Morris when we get back to school. _____ Create a game we could play as a class in P.E.

    56) make a 3 day log of how many hours I slept during the night. _____ Night 1: 6 hours, Night 2: 9 hours, Night 3: 6:30 minutes (Why do you think sleep is important and how many hours should you have?)

    57) gallop for 10 minutes, if I choose to move anywhere in my home. _____ Galloping

    58) research corny funny kid jokes with a parent/guardian online, and share 10 with a sibling, parent/guardian that you think are funny. Extra credit if you can make anyone laugh out loud! Extra Extra credit if they shoot milk out of their nose! _____ What did the ocean say to the shore? Nothing.. It just waved! LOL HAHAHAHAHAHA

    59) leap for 10 minutes, if I choose to move anywhere in my home. _____ Leaping

    60) perform 20 full sit-ups with someone holding my feet. _____ Full Sit-ups

    61) balance on one foot for 30 seconds without falling over. _____ Single Leg Balance

    62) drink only water with nothing added to it for an entire day. You can still eat, but if you drink it must be water. _____ Drink only water for a day

    63) explain to a parent/guardian what the word grit means and why it is important (especially as it deals with your health). _____ Grit

    64) hopscotch for 10 minutes if I move anywhere in my home (1 foot, 2 feet, 1 foot, 2 feet etc.). _____ Hopscotch rules how to play

    65) perform the windshild wiper 30 times _____ Beginner Windshield Wiper Exercise-----Advanced Windshield Wiper Exercise

    66) have a conversation with my parents/guardians about the word "wellness" and how it applies to my life. _____ Wellness

    67) ask my parents/guardians if there is one chore that I could do today that would help them, and then do it without questioning or arguing with them. _____ I cleaned my garage today

    68) walk in place for 10 minutes. _____ Walking

    69) dance for 10 minutes, if I move anywhere in my house. _____  Dancing! Just dance any way you want as long as you are being safe Make it more fun by turning on music.

    70) tell someone 5 different sports that someone my age could play. _____ I am not going to give you the answer here, just think of 5 sports someone your age could play if they chose to...

    71) bear crawl for 10 minutes if I choose to move anywhere in my home. _____ Bear Crawl

    72) perform 30 tuck jumps (jump, bringing knees to chest). _____ Tuck Jump

    73) march in place with high knees for 2 minutes. _____ High Knee March

    74) sprint run in place for 45 seconds. _____  Run as fast as you can in one spot

    75) side slide for 10 minutes if I move anywhere in my house. _____ Side Slide

    76) perform a complete a “grapevine” right, then left 10 times in a row. _____ Grapevine

    77) demonstrate 4 different ways I can show balance using my feet, and/or hands. _____ You can look online for this or just create your own...

    78) tell my parent/guardian 5 healthy snacks that someone could eat. _____ I am not going to give you any answers. I think you could do this one.

    79) research with my parents/guardians online “body weight exercises” and explain to my parents/guardians what this means. _____ Ultimate 20 Minute Full Body Workout for Kids

    80) perform 50 bicycle crunches. _____ Bicycle Crunch

    81) tell my parent(s)/guardian(s) how much I love them, and how much I appreciate all that they do for me. _____ I told my daughter! :)

    82) research yoga poses online with a parent/guardian and perform 5 different poses and hold them for 15 seconds.  Yoga for Kids----OPEN Yoga Pose Cards

    83) choose any challenge from this list of challenges and repeat that challenge. _____ This is your choice, maybe try a new dance?

    84) play a game (ie. card, board, video) with a family member and at the end of the game, win or lose, be a good sport and say something nice. _____ Are you a good sport?

    85) take a nap in the middle of the day and explain why sleep and relaxation are important. _____ Why Do We Sleep

    86) perform 30 side lunges. _____ Side Lunge

    87) lay on my back and lift my feet 6 inches off the floor for 30 seconds. _____ 6 Inch Leg Raises

    88) inch worm 30 times. _____ Inch Worm

    89) hold the up part of a push-up for 45 seconds (bottom up, don’t let your back arch). _____ Push up plank

    90) creatively make my own superhero catchphrase and name (ie. Name: Mr. Safe Side Super Duper PE Dude! Catchphrase: I live to teach my pumpkinheads!) _____ What is your super hero name?

    91) hop on one foot 10 times and then stop and maintain a balance on that foot for 10 seconds. _____ Hopping- Then don't put your foot down for 10 seconds

    92) go a full day without adding any salt or sugar to the food I eat. _____ You can eat foods that have salt and sugar, just don't add any additional salt and sugar to your food.

    93) go online with a parent or guardian and find a new exercise that I can do in my home (one that I have never done before). _____ Try to find something you have never done

    94) sweep all the hard floors in my home or vacuum the carpet (only if you have parent/guardian permission, otherwise don't do this). _____

    95) silently stretch and relax in my room for 10 minutes. _____  Play some calming music if you want.

    96) play a game of thumb wrestling with someone in my house and then say something nice to them regardless of whether I win or lose.  _____ My daughter beat me! I congratulated her. :)

    97) wash my hands while slowly singing the A, B, C song, then dry your hands completely. _____ Singing the A-B-C Song 1 time or Singing the Happy Birthday Song twice is enough time to kill a TON of germ on your hands!

    98) spend some time listening to your favorite music and move in as many different ways that you can think of. _____ I do this every day. It is great exercise and a lot of fun!

    99) choose any aerobic/cardio exercise and perform it for 60 minutes. _____ Completing my 60 minute aerobic/cardio workout!

    100) send Mr. Morris an email at robert.morris@d11.org and let him know my progress on this challenge, how I am doing personally, and maybe a picture of me moving (optional) and performing online P.E.

    101) send Mr. Morris an email and tell him something, not on this list, you have been doing to have fun (not related to physical education at all, just something fun)! 


    I may add more as time goes on...