• Hi Families! I will be contacting all of you this week! I wrote e-mails to parents and students! If I missed you, I have a sign-up going for phone calls. I would like to reach out for a time that works best for you! Please sign up for a time: 


Learn at Home

  • Hi Everyone!! 

    I hope you are staying healthy and busy this week! 

    I wanted to give you more suggestions and options for things you can be doing to learn at home this week. 

  • Parents: 

    All students should know their log-in information for all of these sites. If they don't remember, send me an e-mail (mary.bair@d11.org) and I will send them their log-in information. 

    Comcast is offering now their Comcast Essentials reduced internet program for free for two months because of COVID-19. D11 families may click here to access that information.


    I have found an application online that will allow video conferencing for multiple students that is free. If you are interested, I am here and would love to help! 


    Things to do for math: 


    If you chose not to do the choice boards

    You should be working on something in math everyday


    -You can always practice your facts

    -Practice the Adaptive Math Paths (Parents: these are leveled based on how the kids answer, so they should be able to do it all on their own)



    -I have updated this to be practicing problems for the CMAS test- of you get stuck and want help, send me an e-mail!


    Lumos Learning: 

    Take the math practice test, or do some of the lessons (parents: this is a great way to see what the kids are expected to know for CMAS) Click here


    Work Books: 

    I know many of you took your workbooks home, pick a couple of pages a day and practice! 



    If you want a challenge problem or something specific to work on, write me! 

    Things to do for ELA/Social Studies


    If you chose not to work on the D11 Choice Boards



    I put in a few assigned readings, or you can read and answer questions

    There are a TON of articles on the American Revolution-- if you want to find out more!



    Take the ELA test or practice your skills! Click here



    I know many of you took books home- if you are reading something wonderful, tell me about it! If you didn't bring a book home, D11 has given each child access to the Pikes Peak Library District online. More information here: https://www.d11.org/PowerPass



    Scholastic has offered a free program for students to learn at home right now: Click Here



    So many of you were writing amazing stories before we left! Keep working on them! Send me something you write! 

    Or, here are some different suggestions of things you could write: 

    #1. Imagine a giant box is delivered to your front doorstep with your name on it. What’s inside and what happens when you open it?

    #2. Write a short story about what it might be like if you woke up one morning with a mermaid tail.

    #3. Which is better, winter or summer? Write about the reasons why you think winter or summer is better.

    #4. Write about what would it be like if you had an alligator as a pet.

    #5. If you had $1,000, what would you buy and why?

    #6. Write a story using these 5 words: apple, train, elephant, paper, banjo

    #7. What do you want be when you grow up and why?

    #8. Who is your favorite person on the planet? What do you like most about that person?

    #9. If you could have any secret super power, what would you want it to be and why?

    #10. Write about 3 places you would like to travel someday. What do these three places have in common?

    #11. Write about a time you felt really happy. What happened? What made you feel happy?

    #12. Imagine what would happen if someone shrunk you down to be only 1″ tall. How would your life change?

    #13. If you were in charge of the whole world, what would you do to make the world a happier place?

    #14. Write a story about what it would be like to climb to the very top of the highest mountain in the world.

    #17. Imagine that dogs take over the world. What do they make the humans do?

    #18. Write a story about flying to outer space and discovering a new planet.

    #19. You are a mad scientist and have invented a new vegetable. What is it called? What does it look like? What does it taste like? Most importantly: Is it safe to eat?

    #20. You go to school one morning to discover your best friend has been turned into a frog by an evil witch! How do you help your friend?

    #21. Describe what it is like when trees lose all of their leaves in the autumn season.

    #22. Write about your favorite sport and why you like it so much.

    #23. Imagine what it might be like to live on a boat all the time and write about it.

    #24. If you had one wish, what would it be?

    #25. Write about what you might do if you have the super power to become invisible.

    I have HUNDREDS MORE if you need some!