• This page is created to have some resources for students to use at home to keep doing art as much as they would like during this time. 

    Please let me know if you have any questions. I am available Tuesday-Friday 8-12

    My email is: julie.vassar@d11.org


    These activities are for enrichment and review of concepts we have already done in class. I will update as I find more resources! Just have fun and create, just like we do in class. Can't wait to see you all back in school! If you want to send me any pictures of artwork you do this week, I would love to see it. 


    Art at Home Activity Choices

    You may choose any of these fun art activities!


    1. Found Object Color Wheel:

    Using found objects throughout your home, have students collect as many colored objects as they can to create a color wheel. It will be a fun challenge to see how many different objects and different hues are around your home!

    found object color wheel



    2. Shape Scavenger Hunt:

    Make a list and draw of all the geometric shapes and organic shapes you can find around your house. Compete against your siblings or parents to see who can find the most!

    Geometric Shapes: made out of points and line (squares, triangles, circles, etc.)

    Organic Shapes: shapes that are found in nature



    3. Still Life Drawing

    Choose 3-5 objects around your house. Arrange them on a table. Draw your arrangement, Rememember to use basic shapes to block in the objects, adjust the shapes to resemble the actual objects and add details. 


    4. Fashion Designer

    Create a clothing design. Create an outfit for a catergory of clothing (sports, special occasions, travel, business, uniform). Draw your design to create your own outfit.


    5. Create a Board Game

    Think about your favorite board games. Look at the design of the game pieces. On a seperate sheet of paper draw up your game. What will you name your game? If you have a showbox you can store all of your game pieces inside and decorate the box!


    6. Texture Rubbings

    Put a piece of paper over an object (coin, brick, wood, leaf). Hold the paper steady and slowly rub over the object with the side of the crayon or pencil. Experiment with different objects to create an arrangment of interesting designs.



    7. Landscape

    Use drawing, painting or collage materials to create a landscape picture. Establish a horizon line (where the sky meets the land). Add different components to your picture (buildings, trees, roads, cars, people, animals, clouds, sun, moon, etc.) Remember to add a foreground (what is closet to othe viewer) and the background (what it farthest away from the viewer).


    8. Neighborhood Map

    Draw your house in the center of a piece of paper. Draw the street that your house is on below your house. Add the driveway and the yard to complete the property around your house. Draw your neighbor's houses and then add any parks or other details. Color your map if you can!


    9. Portrait Plates

    Find different items around your house and make portraits out of them. They can be made of toys  or food or anything you can find around the house. Look at some fun examples below!


    plate portrait

    plate art 2

    10. Found object art

     Find an item or two around your house. Then place them on a piece of paper and make a drawing that incorporate them into it! Check out some fun examples below!


    11. Did you know that you can make paint with spices, juice, food coloring, mud, dye or other things around you house? My favorite is using coffee to create an aged look on paper. Just make sure to ask parents first!


    12. Sculpture Scavenger Hunt

    Sculpture S H

    13. Found Object Drawings

    found object drawings


    You can take a tours of Art Museums around the world:


    If you find a piece that speaks to you write about it and critique it. What do you like about it? Why? Would you have any suggestions for the artist?


    For those of you that like to draw this is a great resource: 



    This site has many great lessons uncluding robot week this week! This teacher has a robot based lesson everyday with objects you might have around your house (hopefully)!