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  • Kids String Orchestra

  • Welcome to Buena Vista's Orchestra. Students will learn the basics of how to play an instrument found in the orchestra ensemble. Second year students may choose to learn a new instrument or continue to learn more on their current instrument.

String Orchestra Instruments

Orchestra Handouts and Documents

  • Practice Log Orchestra

    Student Practice Logs: Every month students will receive a new practice log to write down their assigned homework in class to practice at home. Students record their practice minutes at home (30 minutes every day is a good practice), and have their parents sign off on their work. Students turn in their practice log every first class period of the week for a grade (Wed or Thur). Student focused goals for the month are created at the bottom of the practice log to work on. This can also serve as communication between parents and teacher. If you have a question or need support, write it on the practice log or shoot me an email.

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  • Wednesday Practice Schedule 2020

    Do I have Orchestra this Wednesday? Here is the calendar schedule of rotating Wednesday practices for Band and Orchestra. Band is Blue, Orchestra is pink, green will be decided my myself and Ms. Marni.

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