• Jaguar Student Nation,

      Every day, starting April 7th, all Jenkins students will be asked to begin your day with some physical activity! Research clearly shows that exercise wakes up our bodies and minds and gives us a greater capacity to learn and work. A list of exercise activities will be posted using Schoology. If you click on the Schoology app below, you will be directed to login using your district email address and network password. More information regarding the daily exercise routines will be listed on my Schoology page.


      The 20-30 minutes that you start your morning should also be considered only a start for your daily amount of exercise.  I would hope that you also take time in the afternoons and evenings to get out and walk your dog, ride your bike, shoot some hoops (if you have one at your house), use a treadmill, skateboard, or any do any other form of exercise that you can do responsibly while keeping social/physical distancing in mind.

      schoology   Username: firstname.lastname@d11.org, Password: network password 


                                               Once in Schoology, you can access the PE information using the following Code;

                                               Joel Sjoerdsma – P.E. WWXS-8H2G-Q7PHB





      For questions or comments you can email me at joel.sjoerdsma@d11.org or log into Schoology and email through the" Jenkins All Students " course.  



      Joel Sjoerdsma

      PE Teacher


      7193284791, 8:00am-3:30pm