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    Hello students and families,

    During this unforeseen closure, please encourage your student(s) to choose from the variety of activities within each of the grade level choice boards. Below, is a list of other considerations to assist you during this time.


    Consider supporting your child using the following accommodations with grade level choice activities

    • Substitute materials with lower reading levels
    • Decrease length of activity
    • Copy pages so your child can mark on them
    • Provide examples of correctly completed work
    • Highlight key points to remember
    • Eliminate distractions
    • Break task into smaller parts to do at different times
    • Secure papers to work areas with tape or magnets
    • Use speech to text or text to speech
    • Incorporate movement breaks during learning activities
    • Capitalize on your child’s interests
    • Use visual organizers, supports, and schedules
    • Use a calculator for math
    • Simplify directions
    • Check for understanding
    • Hands-on activities


    Website Resources:

    Check out the following free websites for review of material or for fun academic activities:


    www.funbrain.com ; grades K-8

    www.aaamath.com ; grades K-8

    www.starfall.com ; pre-K – 3rd grade

    www.khanacademy.org   and Khan Academy for younger kids

    www.xtramath.org ; basic math facts

    www.exploratorium.edu/explore ; science

    www.kidztype.com ; typing practice