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    Welcome to the new D11 Distance Learning Site

    In the event of this unforeseen school closure, D11 wants to encourage students to engage in educational experiences. A time of school closure provides an excellent opportunity to invite students to learn something that they are curious about or practice a skill that is important to them.  This site is to encourage student choice using “Choice Boards”.  Each of the navigation bars on the left side of this page offer many options for students. The first set published is labeled 1.0 and the newest set is labeled 2.0. Thanks to your feedback, the 2.0 options were refined and all Spanish versions are also posted. In addition to these changes, there are also opportunities for students to “design your own” choice board, along with many other links to facilitate additional learning.

    Please CLICK HERE for more ideas.

    Equitable Access:

    The content within the Distance Learning options have been designed with an equity-based approach in which all options have a mixture of tasks/skill levels/tech requirements to ensure students have equitable access to learning options to the greatest extent possible.

    Every effort will be made to offer technology access or hard copy options if students cannot access the internet.


    The district home site will contain options for all grades and learners. Due to the dynamic offerings in D11, there is a variety of online opportunities for students across the district. Please feel free to use any additional options schools may have as well.  

    We hope this feature will assist students and their families to enjoy learning while at home. We welcome your feedback as this site will evolve over time.  

    Scan the QR code using your phone to offer feedback.

    Distance Learning Website Feedback Form  


    Please note: This site is a new feature we are just beginning to develop for easy access to distance learning options for all grades and subjects in one location.  It will be updated as we receive feedback from users.

    Thanks to feedback received to date, we have begun this FAQ.

    If you do not see answers to your questions, please offer your questions in the “suggestions for improvement” section when you offer feedback using this link or by scanning the QR code at the end of the page.

    Need help navigating? Email us: distancelearning@d11.org.