Work Based Learning (WBL)

  • Work Based Learning is a continuum of activities that occur, in part or in whole, in the workplace, providing the learner with hands-on, real world experience.

  • Learning Continum

  • What work-based learning looks like in K-12 education:

    • Elementary: inviting experts into their classrooms for presentations and taking groups of students on-site visits to local businesses to learn about different occupations.
    • Middle School: connect with business people from the industries in their community to mentor individual and groups of students for a particular subject or specific project. As middle school students discover their areas of interest, they can begin applying for virtual or in-person jobs shadowing an expert in those occupations. 
    • High School: Students, school-based career counselors and advisory/career & technical education staff, to design pathways to their future occupational goals, including connection points between secondary and post-secondary education.​​
      • Industry sponsored Projects
      • Participate in School-Based Enterprises
      • Apply for Job Shadows (cooperative or co-curricular)
      • Apply for Internships (cooperative or co-curricular)