• The important thing is to begin the process by making non-judgmental observations as opposed to immediately trying to explain or rationalize things. Once you make observations, you want to start to narrow your focus because otherwise there are too many data points to deal with and you will quickly become overwhelmed.

    The reporting site has a built in note taking and initial data analysis component. When viewing a Measure (i.e. Safety, Teacher-Principal Trust, etc.), you will see an icon that says “+ Note”. If you click this icon, it will prompt you to reflect, in a low inference / non-judgmental way, on the Measure. You can then save each note that you write and then view them by clicking “Measure Notes” in the upper corner. From here, you can then “Share Measure for Analysis” and continue to follow the prompts to record thinking, etc. One thing to note is that any notes that you decide to share are viewable to all users who have access to that particular report.

    School teams should begin consdering how the survey results could be used to inform and prioritize school improvement plans for SY2020.