• Dear D11 Community,

    I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Nick Gledich, and I am serving as the acting/interim superintendent for the remainder of this school year. I look forward to working with our staff and the Board of Education to address student and family needs.

    I retired from School District 11 in June of 2018, after serving as superintendent for nine years. My wife and I moved to Colorado Springs in April of 2009 and often asked ourselves what took us so long to get here! Colorado Springs is our forever home, and we so appreciate our time living in the Colorado Springs community and our time serving School District 11. 

    When I was approached by the School Board to consider returning for a few months to serve as acting/interim superintendent, I accepted with the understanding that I would need to address many tasks to close a school year with success, especially in the area of academic achievement. We must maximize our time teaching students through the last school day.

    Before serving as superintendent, I served the Orange County Public Schools as Chief Operations Officer and other district administrative positions. I was a principal and teacher before those assignments. I believed in and still believe to this day, that all children can learn, and all children should be challenged every day.

    What I appreciated most about our district was the daily commitment of our staff and students. I hope to reconnect with old friends, build new relationships, and keep D11 focused on moving forward with continuous improvement. I am committed to serving as a communicator, a listener, and a leader. I am committed to serving our schools and doing what I can to help employees, students, and families while the School Board focuses on hiring a new superintendent --- all in the name of doing what is right by students.

    My basic expectations for myself, staff, and students are:

    1. We demonstrate kindness every day.
    2. We demonstrate honesty with everything we think, say, or do.
    3. We demonstrate hard work with focus, fidelity, follow-through, and results.
    4. We demonstrate support to those we serve.
    5. We demonstrate curiosity about all we can do with passion, practice, and persistence.

    In the past, I would share that our collective outcome is the handshake, sealing the deal as our students cross the stage at graduation. It symbolizes our core business -- educating students, addressing the achievement and social-emotional well-being of each one. This holds true today for me, and I hope it does for you, too.  It is my honor to serve the D11 School community as acting/interim superintendent.

    Nick Gledich