Approval Process for Instructional Materials & Courses

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     Why the Change?

    • The previous process was reliant on paper copies and required substantial work for administrative assistant staff
    • Requestors were asked to offer redundant information across multiple submission forms in some cases
    • Routing of hard copy forms is less efficient than electronic forms
    • The process was unclear related to content with digital/technology tools, so many of the technology tools that have been approved were not included in the searchable database, thus requiring duplicate work
    • In many cases, requestors spend less time when the first steps are sharing a need with C&I staff who can streamline the process based on that need
    • Final signature pages used for public review did not provide review criteria or the findings of the review

     What Are the Changes?

    The overall process is provided in the flow chart tab, all links to begin are embedded within that chart

     The general steps are as follows:

    The first question asks if the material requested will be used by all students as a requirement to successfully complete the class

    • Depending on the answer- Yes/No, requestors have 3 pathway choices 
      • If no, the pathway moves on to a supplemental library item approval
      • If yes, the next question determines if digital content is included, if yes the requestor is directed to the IT team through submission of a Tech Support Ticket
      • If no, requestors begin with an email/phone call to the applicable content facilitator/specialist to discuss the need, the facilitator or specialist will guide the requestor to:
        • a short cycle, trial period to collect evidence to ensure the material use has the potential to lead to the desired results OR
        • the formal board approval process 

    • All request forms are electronic, MS Forms docs
    • Any material with digital/technology components begins with submitting a Happy Fox Ticket
    • Technology tools without new required content will move though the review process quicker and any approved tools will have a searchable database
    • Requestors do not need to determine which form is needed from a website. Content facilitators will send needed items once they consult with the requestor
    • By having content facilitators guide the process, it fosters a collegial discourse to understand the root cause needs, alignment to school goals and purpose at the very beginning, cultivating a collaborative culture.
    • Short Cycle Innovation Processes are an option prior to full board approval to ensure policy of evidence collection is utilized more often
    • Greater clarity on the difference between the library approval process and content material approval process to save school site members time
    • All submissions will automatically be archived into an exported spreadsheet for more accurate record-keeping
    • Signature sheets provide a transparent review process, using consistent evaluation criteria, and providing more detailed review findings as the basis for the final recommendation


Contact Information

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