• COVID 19

    Office hours: Everyday from 12:00-1:00 PM in Webex
    1. Go to  District 11 WebEx Meetings
    2. Enter my "room number" 927 602 203


    1. Put https://cssd11.webex.com/meet/shelby.bandy into your search bar
    2. A pop up might ask you to open an application. If you have the app on your computer you can select "open," but if you are using the desktop browser select "cancel"
    2. You will be able to download the app to your desktop OR at the bottom of the page there is an option that says "Having trouble opening your desktop app? Join from your browser" and you can select that!





    Short answer format:

    Restate question
    Answer questions
    Cite textual evidence
    Explain textual evidence


    When a studen is absent: 

    For students to receive full credit, the amount of days absent equals the extra days they have to complete the assignment. Late work will be penalized. If students are unhappy with a grade they earn on an assignment they are welcome to resubmit after they have consulted me. Below I have listed a few different options where students can find the work they have missed while absent: 

    1. My teacher website. I update my teacher website weekly, if not more often. I use the calendar app. Students simply need to find the date they were absent, and the resources and instructions will be included in the notes for that day.
    2. In my classroom, I have an “absent” filing box. This box is brown for language arts and white for yearbook. Within the box are files labeled with the activity’s name. Students only need to grab what they missed and turn it in to their designated gold turn-in tray when they are finished.
    3. They may send me an email while they are absent or soon after for their missing work, and I will email them the work or tell them to pick it up upon their return.


    Late work policy: 

    Students MAY turn in all late work within the quarter. After the quarter is over late work will not be accepted. Late work will recieve a penalty. 



    Students MAY resubmit any assignment within a quarter if they would like to earn a higher grade. Students must speak with me to see what needs to be improved, or students can use comments I have already left on work.