• About the Curriculum and Instruction Team    Team Organization Chart

    The C&I team is committed to serving as learning leaders that empower educators to reach their highest potential for student success. We strive to offer service and support to our entire D11 community as we model continuous learning to improve our knowledge, practices, and structures so that all students reach their personal best. Success in our work looks like:

    • supporting educators in engaging students in deep learning in all subjects
    • unlocking unlimited possibilities for all learners
    • serving as a district ambassadors through integrity, empathy and credibility. 

    Learning – passion and innovation 

    Our curricula and instruction are rigorous, relevant, and responsive, designed to cultivate the full potential in every student. We reward innovation and foster passion. Our shared goal is this: growth without exception.  

    Diversity – enrich and celebrate 

    Located in the heart of Colorado Springs, D11 is the City’s longest-standing and most diverse school district, and, in addition to academic excellence, we prepare our students to understand and lead in a diverse society.  

    Service – equity and collaboration 

    We are here to serve! We inspire one another to take risks, challenge one another to achieve more, and help one another move forward when we fail. We know that we succeed together. 

    Empowering – whole student and potential 

    Our students are thriving academically and gaining the personal, social, and cultural experiences they need to make a profound impact on society. We’re building a community that can rise to any challenge and reach new heights: Strong schools equals strong communities.