• Below are resources for Parents/Guardians to reference on several topics related to special education:

     (These resources are not district or school connected)

    PEAK Parent Center

    Does your child struggle in school?

    Does your child have trouble: Finishing school work? Following school rules? Sitting still in class? Getting along with others?

    Does your child: Resist going to school? Resist doing homework? Have frequent meltdowns? Dislike transitions?


    Does your child have special needs?

    Would you like to know more about how to talk to people at your Childs' school? 

    Would you like to get support and information from someone who will listen?


    Contact PEAK Parent Center:




    917 E Moreno Ave. #140, Colorado Springs, CO 80903



    2011 Procedural Safeguards and Parents' Rights 

    Download Here



    Employment Opportunities for Individuals with Disabilities

    This guide covers how to find a job that is a good fit, how to work through challenges and rights with employers, how to find jobs that can accommodate individuals with disabilities, and how to disclose a disability.  



    A New Savings Plan for the Disabled

    A new type of savings vehicle for the first time offers the disabled and their families the benefits of tax-free growth. Called 529 ABLE plans, the state-sponsored accounts, authorized by Congress in late 2014, resemble 529 college plans. In addition to offering tax-free growth, 529 ABLE plans will allow people with disabilities to save as much as $100,000 and still qualify for benefits.



    Beneficial Activities for Kids with Special Needs

    After-school and weekend activities for children with disabilities can build self-esteem, skills, friendships and a sense of belonging. Interacting in a shared endeavor with other children can be especially rewarding.


    Routines and Children with Disabilities

    Routines can help family life run more smoothly. They can also be a way to help your child with disability develop skills. The best routines are the ones that suit you, your child and your situation.