• leadworthy

    Leadworthy Overview

    Leadworthy is a class in which students develop leadership, professional, and personal skills.  They learn to foster a healthy self-concept, healthy relationships, and learn to understand the concept of personal responsibility.  Students also develop skills in public speaking and communication.  Students will acquire an understanding of various skills enabling them to become better family members, students, and citizens.

    Our classroom operates on the basis of a social contract. Each student has input on the social contract, which governs how the class will function and how we should treat each other. The opportunity to work as a group in developing the class social contract gives students a taste of operating in “real world” situations and prepares them to succeed in life.


    Leadworthy Family Night

    For our final project, students will create a project to be presented in class and at Leadworthy Family Night. Sixth and Seventh grade students will create a three-panel display demonstrating one of the topics discussed throughout the quarter.  Eighth grade students will create a three-panel display showing their service project


    2020-2021 Family Night Dates:


    **Due to COVID-19, Family Night has been canceled until further notice...


    As the LeadWorthy Course Leader, I want to express my profound gratitude for the opportunity to impact your child!