• StudySync creates and publishes award-winning educational curriculum for schools in English language arts, ELL, social studies and science.

    While leveraging technology and media to engage and inspire students in their academic pursuits, StudySync provides educators with an easy-to-use platform to deliver adaptable, interactive, and equitable learning solutions.


  • When a striving reader gets their first real taste of reading, something extraordinary happens: Walls come down. Confidence builds. And “I can’t do it” becomes “I can’t be stopped.”

    As the leading blended learning solution, READ 180®helps students who are two or more years behind become active, accomplished readers. By bringing teachers, families, and adaptive technology together, it meets students on their unique paths to provide a truly personalized experience.


  • For students who are significantly behind or have learning challenges, success means more than improved reading scores. It means broader academic achievement, the pursuit of a college education, and a career path that allows them to reach their fullest potential.

    Success means educators have the power to change the life trajectory not only for students, but also for their families and communities.

    System 44® places all students, at any level, on a path to achievement and provides the foundational tools they need to achieve real success in school and life.