• Breakout EDU Boxes

     Breakout EDU is a physical game kit and platform where students work together to solve various puzzles to open a locked box, similar to an escape room. You can use Breakout kits in every subject area and grade level.

Information and Links

  • Breakout EDU Resources Page

    Breakout EDU Platform 

    Checkout includes: 6 large break out boxes.  Each box contains: 1 abc multilock, 1 shape multilock wheels, 1 three-digit lock, 1 deck of reflection cards, 1 red lens viewer, small breakout box, 1 directional multilock, 1 number multilock wheels, 1 four-digit lock, 1 invisible pen, 1 usb drive, 1 hasp, 1 color multilock wheels, 1 key lock with 3 keys, 1 set of 2 hint cards, and 1 flashlight.  

    These items check out for 3 weeks.  Be sure to plan ahead and reserve them in advance.  Also, please allow time to fully charge the robots before you use them.  Contact Mary.Blake@d11.org or Sandy.Radzienda@d11.org for reservations and checkout.