• littleBits Code Kits

    Code Kit contains color-coded Bits that perform a specific function (e.g. lights, sensors, motors, inputs, and outputs).  Students connect bits to build circuits and program using drag and drop Blockly coding.

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Information and Links

  • Code Kit EDU Lessons - link to Google Drive folder with introductory lesson, 5 tutorial lessons, 4 invention lessons, and a challenge lesson

    Code Kit EDU Student Handouts for Lessons - link to Google Drive folder with handouts for all Code Kit lessons

    Checkout includes: 10 littleBits Code Kit student sets in 4 cases.  Complete contents: 10 usb power, 20 buttons, 10 dimmers, 10 slide dimmers, 10 pressure sensors, 10 sound triggers, 30 wires, 10 branches, 10 codeBits, 10 bargraphs, 10 servo & hubs, 10 speakers, 10 LED matrices, 10 USB power adapters and cables, 30 powerSnaps, 10 rechargeable batteries, 10 mechanical arms, 10 servo mounts, 10 codeBit dongles, 120 shoes (hook & loop), 20 strips (hook & loop), 10 mounting boards (8x7), 10 instruction booklets.

    These items check out for 3 weeks.  Be sure to plan ahead and reserve them in advance.  Also, please allow time to fully charge the robots before you use them.  Contact Sheri White at 520-2109 or Connie Lupton at 520-2368 for reservations and checkout.