• Code & Go Mouse Activity Sets

    Build a maze, program the sequence of steps, and then watch Colby race to find the cheese! 

Information and Links

  • Learning Resources Blog post on Code and Go Mouse

    Kindergarten Community Helpers with Code and Go Mouse - blog post with short video on using Code and Go Mouse in Kindergarten

    Checkout includes: 6 Activity sets.  Each set includes: 1 programmable Mouse, 30 double-sided coding cards, 10 double-sided activity cards, cheese wedge, 16 maze grids, 22 maze walls, and 3 tunnels.  There are 2 kits available for checkout.

    These items check out for 3 weeks.  Be sure to plan ahead and reserve them in advance.  Also, please allow time to fully charge the robots before you use them.  Contact Sheri White at 520-2109 or Connie Lupton at 520-2368 for reservations and checkout.