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Information and Links

  • Sphero K-12 Teacher Guide - SPRK+ guide, but most applies to the BOLT as well. 

    Sphero Activity Library - searchable by content area and grade bands, complete with learning activities and outcomes and step by step instuctions for the teacher.  Also includes CCSS for content areas.

    Sphero SPRK+ Checkout includes: 6 Sphero SPRK+ robots, 6 charging bases, 6 AV power adapters, and one copy each of Coding with Sphero book and Sphero book (student books)

    Sphero Bolt Checkout includes:  15 Sphero Bolt robots, 15 charging bases, and 15 USB cables 

    Terrain Park Checkout includes: 12 blue ramps, 6 Nubby, 6 blue connectors, 22 blue rectangle joiners, 24 blue rails, and 24 black connectors.

    These items check out for 3 weeks.  Be sure to plan ahead and reserve them in advance.  Also, please allow time to fully charge the robots before you use them.  Contact Sheri White at 520-2109 or Connie Lupton at 520-2368 for reservations and checkout.