Dash Robots and Accessories   

    Dash Robot           Launcher           Xylophone


Information and Links

  • Dash is an interactive robot that can be controlled through a variety of apps. Dash robots and coding can be incorporated into nearly any content area.  Below are some links to help you get started with Dash robots and explore the many ways to include coding and robotics in your classroom.

    Wonder Workshop Website

    Cross-Curricular Lesson Library - (requires login/account) Lessons that can be sorted by subject and grade

    Wonder Workshop In The Classroom Blog -  Blog featuring ideas and resources for using Dash robots in the classroom.

    Makerspace for Education - Tips for using Dash robots and student challenge ideas.

    Checkout includes: 6 Dash Robots, 6 Charging Cables and Wall Ports, 12 Building Brick Connectors

    Dash launcher, bulldozer, and xylophone attachments can be checked out separately in sets of 6.

    These items check out for 3 weeks.  Be sure to plan ahead and reserve them in advance.  Also, please allow time to fully charge the robots before you use them.  Contact Sheri White at 520-2109 or Connie Lupton at 520-2368 for reservations and checkout.