• Library and Technology @ Rogers Elementary


    At the beginning of every school year, all students attend orientation for library and technology use at Rogers. They learn how to treat books and technology with respect and use them responsibly. Outlined below are the guidelines for use of the library and a link to the D11 Student Acceptable Use of Technology policy. If you have any questions about our expectations for student responsibility and behavior in the library and computer labs or about internet safety at school, please contact Mr. Haas. Thank you for helping us make the Library Media Center an enjoyable learning environment for your child!


    Library Guidelines

    • Students are welcome to check out books during the school day with permission from their classroom teacher.
    • Primary (K-2) students may check out 1 book at a time and keep the book for 1 week.
    • Intermediate (3-5) students may check out 2 books as a time and keep the books for 2 weeks.
    • Students will be notified of overdue books on a weekly basis.
    • If a student has an overdue book, they may not check out more books until the overdue book is returned.
    • If a student struggles with finding and returning a book, parents will be contacted to help locate and return the book.
    • If a student loses 2 or more books in a school year, their library privileges will be suspended until the books are returned or paid for.


    Below is the District 11 Student Acceptable Use Policy for technology and the internet. As a parent, you have the right to Opt Out of this policy. Please contact Mr. Haas if you would like information on how to Opt Out. 

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.