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Could You Be a Guest Speaker?

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    The D11 Speakers Program offers the public an opportunity to partner with us in education by opening the classroom for you to share your career experiences or expertise with students. The purpose of the program is two-fold; speakers bring relevance to a particular topic, helping students understand the connection between the curriculum and the real-world of work. A second goal is to provide teachers with additional curriculum-related resource expertise. To become involved, the volunteer speaker should complete the Online Registration Form. In completing the Form, the volunteer provides information on the topic, grade level, availability and a brief description of the presentation content.

    There are Colorado Springs District 11 School Board rules speakers must observe during visits:

    Each school visit must be confirmed and scheduled by the D11 Engage Department.

    • Advertising: Materials that carry advertising may not be distributed without prior approval from the D11 Engage Department. Any volunteer whose program is based on a recognized business or attraction may refer to this upon occasion, if appropriate and relevant to the presentation. If informational brochures are to be given out, please leave them with the teacher for distribution to the students who request information.
    • Promotion: Collection of student names, addresses or telephone numbers for the promotion of a speaker’s business is prohibited
    • Religion: No particular religious viewpoint should be presented unless relevant to the presentation.
    • Politics: Advocating a particular political viewpoint is NOT permitted.
    • Sensitive Topics: Require view by Curriculum Facilitator of that subject.
    • Speaking to students: teachers or D11 staff employees must be present and support you throughout the presentation.