FAQ's for 1:1 Initiative

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Who will receive devices?

The laptops will be handed out by grade level followed by each incoming class so that all students have a device by 2022.

2019-2020 Incoming Freshmen

2020-2021 Incoming Freshmen (the sophomores will still have their laptops)

2021-2022 Incoming Freshmen (the sophomores and juniors will still have their laptops)

2022-2023 Incoming Freshmen (the sophomores, juniors, and seniors will still have their laptops)

When will the students receive their device?

Students will get their laptops at during their Study Skills class after Labor Day. Students who do not have a Study Skills class will be invited to get their laptops during a PLC morning in the fall. The following steps must be followed before a student will be issues a device:

  1. Students view video
  2. Students and Parent/Guardians read and sign paper work
  3. Students and Parent/Guardians pay the technology fee (MySchoolBucks or PHS business office)
What if my upperclassman wants a device?
Only freshmen are getting the devices this fall. All students and teachers will still have access to computers in the library, classrooms, and computer labs.
Will there be a fee?

Yes, students will pay a yearly student technology fee. This fee is $50 for the school year (there are reductions for free and reduced families). Pay online with MySchoolBucks or through the business office who will accept cash, check or credit card.

If your students qualify for free or reduced lunch, you must provide documentation to the business office in order to have the reduced cost of the annual fee. If you have questions about qualifying for free and reduced fees, call Laurie Hylle in food services at 520-2934.

Will students have the same device every year?

Yes, students will use the same device each year until they graduate. Students must take responsibility in the care of their device. If students change schools, they will need to return the laptop as part of the check-out procedure.

Students are expected to check-in their devices at the end of each school year for annual maintenance. They will be issued the same laptop in the fall.


What if something happens to the device (broken, stolen, lost)?

A damaged device will be repaired at a flat fee of $100. Once the fee is paid, the student will receive a loaner device to use until their assigned device is returned and usable. If the device is lost, the cost of a replacement (approximately $400) will be due. If the device is stolen, a police report will need to be filed by the student and parent/guardian and next steps may vary, but it is important to know that every student is responsible for keeping their device safe and is ultimately accountable for the expense of replacing it.

See the user agreement for more information.

What do students do with the device over the summer?

Students are expected to check-in their devices at the end of each school year for annual maintenance.

They will get their same laptop back in the fall. If a student wants to keep the device over the summer, he/she is required to pay the following year’s $50 fee. The device will need to be checked-in for maintenance for a day or two once school resumes in the fall.

What do students do with the device if they leave Palmer or D11?
If students change schools or districts, they will need to return the laptop as part of the check-out procedure.
Will the laptop come with a case or stylus?

Students will receive a case (black, only 1 option). They may personalize their case (not their actual laptop).

Students will not receive but may purchase their own stylus. They must be compatible with a Dell Latitude 3190 2-in-1.

Will teachers expect me to bring the laptop to class daily?
Yes. Teachers will vary in their technology requirements, but it is still the expectation that all students with devices will have them charged and ready to use daily in each class.
What type of technology support will be available if I have a problem?
Palmer will have a student staffed Peer Tech Tutor Team in the library each period. If there is a question or any issue, those students will be available. If peers are unable to solve the problem, the library staff will assist.
How or where do I print?
Students may still print in the library, but they will need to get on a school desktop and pull up their files using the cloud or a thumb drive. Students may or may not be able to print at home, depending on their wireless printer installation requirements.
What am I allowed to download on my laptop?
The same policy for devices at school apply to these laptops. See the D11 policy for further information.