•  “A little learning is a dangerous thing; drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring: there shallow draughts intoxicate the brain, and drinking largely sobers us again.” 

    - Alexander Pope’s poem An Essay on Criticism

    Congratulations! You now have a little bit of knowledge on five different world religions. Next you will complete two activities to help you extend that knowledge and demonstrate that you learned something during this unit. In addition, once you have completed all of the required activities you have an opportunity to extend your learning even further. 

    World Religions Map

  • Concluding Activity #1

    Map Places of Worship in Colorado Springs

    Step 1: Print this Map

    Step 2: Mark on your map the places of worship for each of the following religions:

    - Hinduism         - Buddhism        - Judaism       - Islam

    Hint: One of these religions does not have a place of worship in Colorado Springs but there is one in Denver. Mark on your map an arrow pointing to Denver and the name of that place of worship.

    Step 3: Mark on your map a series of Christian places of worship. Since the dominant religion in Colorado Springs is Christianity, we would like you to be familiar with a variety of Christian denomination locations around town.  Mark on your map the following: 

    - Roman Catholic       - Orthodox     - Lutheran      - Episcopal       - Methodist        - Congregational           

    - Presbyterian        - Baptist       - Non-Denominational     - Pentecostal   

        Buddhist Temple       Notre Dame        Muslim Mosque


  • Concluding Activity #2

    Making Relevant Connections

    In class your teacher will ask you to write a paragraph that develops a relevant connection between two different terms learned during the world religions unit. You will get to choose the terms you use from a list. Then in your paragraph you will need to clearly define the two terms and explain the connection between the two. In order to prepare for this assessment you will want to study the following terms:

    - Hinduism  - Buddhism  - Christianity     - Islam    - Judaism

    - Buddha  - Abraham - Jesus -Muhammad

    - Middle East      - Polytheistic    - Monotheistic

    - Torah       - Bible     - Quran     - Vedas      - 4 Noble Truths

     Religious Symbols

  • World Religions Extension Activity

    Are you creative? Like to paint, write poetry, write songs, or draw?

    Does one of these religions inspire you?

    Then allow that religion to inspire you to create something artistically.

    Talk to your teacher about what this might be and whether you can earn some extra credit.

    This is an opportunity to extend your learning on one or more of these world religions. 

    Hindu Art         Buddhist Art      Jewish Graffiti Art

    Islamic Architecture                          Christian Art