• The following checklist is meant to be a brief overview of the travel arranging process.  Items that can be reserved (not paid) on a District Procurement Card (P-Card) are denoted with an asterisk (*).  This form is a guide for the traveler and/or the administrative assistant of the traveler’s school or department.  

    Step One: Develop or obtain all travel related information:

    • Departure and return dates
    • Conference registration fees*
    • Hotel reservations*
    • Transportation

    Step Two: Determine mode of transportation:

    • Flying
    • Personal vehicle
    • District vehicle
    • Rental Vehicle* 
    If flying:
    Desired arrival and departure times

    Recommended travel agencies are listed on the district web page www.d11.org/travel .  Keep in mind that reservation may be held, but can not be guaranteed until payment has been made to the agency through either the individual’s travel card or check request processed through Accounts Payable.

    If using their own vehicle:
    Traveler will be reimbursed for mileage based upon the District's mileage reimbursement rate upon return.

    If using district vehicle:
    Reservations can be made for vans and buses through Transportation at (719) 520-2949.

    If renting a vehicle:
    Approved rental car agencies or listed on the district web.  Be sure to identify yourself as a district business traveler.

    Step Three: Final actions and submittal:

    • Call hotel and make reservations.*
    • Check meal per diem on district web page.
    • Complete the Travel Request/Reimbursement Form, available on district web page.
    • Have both traveler and authorizing officer sign travel form.
    • Submit travel form to Accounts Payable (fax: (719) 520-2041.