Buddhism Instructions

  • Unit Essential Question: How does time and place drive individual and social identity?

    For this unit, we will be learning about 5 of the major World Religions.   Read and follow all the instructions.

    1. As a class watch the Crash Course Buddhism video, taking notes in your graphic organizer.
    2. Group 1 read the Buddhist 4 Noble Truths and the 8 Fold Path and answer the Sacred Text questions in the graphic organizer. 
    3. Group 2 explore the 360 Buddhism Holy Site and answer the Sacred Space questions in the graphic organiser. 
      • If you have time remaining in this station check out the extention activities at the bottom of the page. 
    4. Groups switch and complete the other activity.
    5. If you feel like you missed something check out the powerpoint to fill in any gaps in knowledge. 



Buddha and Ashoka: Crash Course World History #6

Buddhist Holy Site

The Zhaojue Monastery is located near Chengdu City in China. Find this and plot it on your World Map.

Buddhist Teachings

  • The Four Noble Truths

    1. The Truth of Suffering (Kutai)
    The Buddha declared that this world if full of suffering; that actual existence including birth, decrepitude, sickness and death is suffering and sorrow. This is called the Truth of Suffering.

    2. The Truth of the Cause of Suffering (Jutai)
    The cause of human suffering lies in ignorance and Karma. Ignorance and its resulting Karma have often times been called "desire" or craving. The Buddha declared: 
    Verily it is this thirst or craving, causing the renewal of existence, accompanied by sensual delight, seeking satisfaction now here, now there - the craving for gratification of the passions, for continual existence in the worlds of sense.

    3. The Truth of the Cessation of Suffering (Mettai)
    The extinguishing of all human ignorance and Karma results in a state known as Nirvana. This is the Truth of the Cessation of Suffering.

    4. The Truth of the Path to the Cessation of Suffering (Dotai)
    The Truth of the Path to the Cessation of Suffering is the Noble Eight-fold Path. 

    The Noble Eight-fold Path

    1. Right Views - to keep ourselves free from prejudice, superstition and delusion and to see aright the true nature of life.
    2. Right Thoughts - to turn away from the evils of this world and to direct our minds towards righteousness.
    3. Right Speech - to refrain from pointless and harmful talk to speak kindly and courteously to all.
    4. Right Conduct - to see that our deeds are peaceful, benevolent, compassionate and pure; to live the Teaching of the Buddha daily.
    5. Right Livelihood - to earn our living in such a way as to entail no evil consequences.
    6. Right Effort - to direct our efforts incessantly to the overcoming of ignorance and selfish desires.
    7. Right Mindfulness - to cherish good and pure thoughts for all that we say and do arise from our thoughts.
    8. Right Meditation - to concentrate our will on the Buddha, His Life and His Teaching.

    For a little closer look go here:

    4 Noble Truths & the 8 Fold Path

Extension - American Buddhism

  • Listen to the short radio story above about the American flavor of Buddhism and/or read this article below about why many Americans think Buddhism is just a philosophy.

    Article Link

    american buddhism