• Lesson Plans for Teaching Sustainability

    Imagine what your classroom could look like if students were engaged in sustainability learning.

    What can sustainability look like in schools?  A typical “green” school saves $100,000 annually on operating costs through conservation efforts such as water-efficient fixtures, energy-efficient and motion sensor lighting, and designs that maximize daylight.  With these savings, a school could hire at least one new teacher, buy 200 computers, or purchase 5,000 textbooks. 

    Lesson Plan Ideas

    Grades Pre-K-2:

    Grades 3-5:

    • What resources do I use on a daily basis? Which are rapidly renewable and not renewable? 
    • What are some changes we could make to our school to use the sun in a smarter way
      • Cooking with the Sun by the City & County of San Francisco

    Grades 6-8:

    Grades 9-12:

    • How can biofuel become a cost-competitive alternative to fossil fuels? 
    • How could pollution be regulated to promote environmental justice?
      •  Seeking Environmental Justice by Maryland EnviroHealth Connections