• Struggling to find a book you are interested in? Here are some reviews from past and current students of books we have in the Galileo Library.

  • Ghosts of Greenglass House

    Ghosts of Green Glass House 

    By Kate Milford 

    Book Review  by Bradley C.

    Milo just went on winter break. He is waiting for the relief that usually comes at the beginning of winter. But it is not coming. 
    For one thing there is no snow. For another, it has been a pretty rough time at school. Milo hates the teacher bringing his adoption to attention. 
    Probably the worst though is the fact that Milo’s friend Meddy has been missing for a while. 
    It is almost enough to make him wish it was like last winter break, when the house was full of unexpected guests and mysteries. Milo is positive that won’t ever happen again. Until the bell rings…

  • The Hobbit

    The Hobbit

    by J.R.R. Tolkien

    Book Review by Shane G.

    Bilbo Baggins, your average hobbit; short, tea loving, and not one for adventure, embarks on a journey after his dear, old friend Gandalf pays him a visit. Bilbo thought Gandalf was just stopping by saying hello, long time no see, but little did Bilbo know Gandalf called for 13 dwarves to take him on a grand adventure to take back the king’s treasure and land! Read as he travels through dangerous woods, escapes dubious goblins, and finds a mysterious ring from a mysterious creature, all while wishing he was home brewing tea, and blowing smoke rings from his tobacco pipe.