1st Quarter is over!!!


    Do you need to retake the 9.1-9.3 Test? 

    • If you need extra help, schedule a time (7th or  Math Help club to study for the test)
    • You can also watch the video below and get an adult's signature that verifies you really watched it. 
    • Remember you MUST re-learn the information before the retake. 
    • Schedule a time to retake the quiz. 


     Video can be accessed here:  9.1 -9.3 Green Test Solutions



    Date: Wednesday, October 16th  

    Topic: 9.1- 9.4 Review 

    Homework: Page 374 evens

    Links: Page 374 (6-26 evens)


    Date: Thursday, October 17th  

    Topic: 9.5 

    Homework: Page 389(1-21)all

    Links: Page 389(1-21)all Solutions

    Date: Friday, October 18th  

    Topic: 9.5 

    Homework: None

    Links: None

    Date: Monday, October 21st  

    Topic: 9.6  

    Homework: pg 380 (4-26 evens)

    Links: None


     Date: Monday, October 28th 

    Topic: SNOW DAY  


    Links: None


    Date: Tuesday, October 29th  

    Topic: Practice Test  

    Homework: p Watch practice quiz video and get it signed

    Links: None

    Date: Wednesday, October 30th 

    Topic: Snow Day!  

    Homework: STUDY

    Links: None

    Date: Thursday, October 31  

    Topic: 9.6/9.6b  

    Homework: pWatch 9.4-9.6b practice Quiz video and get it signed

    Links: 9.4 Practice test video

    Date: Friday, November 1st  

    Topic: 9.4-9.6b Test 

    Homework: Have a great weekend!

    Links: None

    Date: Monday, November 4th  

    Topic: 5.1 Classifying Angles   

    Homework: pg 188 (3-23 odds)

    Links: Page 188 (3-23 odds) Solutions


    Date:  Tuesday, November 5th  

    Topic: 5.2 Angles and sides of triangle notes   

    Homework: RPJ 100 and Page 194 Problems 2 and (3-19 odds)

    Links: Solutions to Page194


    Date:  Wednesday, November 6th  

    Topic: 5.4 Similar Triangles   

    Homework: Page 210 (5-12)all 

    Links: Page 210 homework Solutions

    Date:  Thursday, November 7th  

    Topic: 5.5 Parallel Lines and Tranversals   

    Homework: None

    Links: None

    Date:  Friday, November 8th  

    Topic: 5.5 Alernate Exterior Angles and Alternate Interior Angles    

    Homework: Page 217 (3-27)odds

    Links:Page 217 Solutions

    Date:  Monday, November 11th  

    Topic: 5.1-5.5 Practice Test  

    Homework: Study Practice Test

    Links:5.1-5.1 Practice Test Solutions

    Date:  Tuesday, November 12th  

    Topic: ADB Review Questions 

    Homework: Study Practice Test

    Links:5.1-5.1 Practice Test Solutions

    Date:  Wednesday, November 13th  

    Topic: 5.1 Red Book