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  • The Digital High School will be closed until April 30th.  Please work from home as much as you wantESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE A GRADUATING SENIOR. Log-in information is listed below.  You may work 24/7.  There are no time restrictions.  


    DIGITAL IS STILL ENROLLING. GRADUATING SENIORS WILL BE GIVEN PRIORITY. However, any student is welcome to submit an application. 


    The Digital teaching team will be checking our emails throughout the day from 8am-4pm over these next two weeks to support you.  Send your individual teacher an email if you get stuck or have a question: 


    Mr. Bragg --        D11 cell #719-641-2545

    Mr. Higgins --    D11 cell # 719-494-6131

    Ms. Koeneke --

    Mr. Whittier --

    Mr. Hugill --

    Miss Bragg --


    You can access the  GradPoint URL via our Digital High School website:  


    Login is:  lastname+first intial 

    Password is:  first inital+lastname 


    FYI:  GradPoint is not tablet or mobile phone compatible.  


    It is your responsibility to contact your teacher if you encounter problems!!!


    If you would like to take advantage of the homeroom activities, please contact your teacher. 


    Check out the District's Distance Learning page!  


    Comcast is offering a free internet package please visit  for more information.


    Also, if you want to do some research, here's the CDC's website.  There is some valuable factual information on the site:  Here's the WHO website which also has some very good information:


    We'll get through this together. :) Please take this opportunity to stay on track & work on your classes.  Also, please download the D11 app, and check your email regularly throughout the next two weeks for additional updates.  



    The Digital High School Staff


    Digital High School is located on the
    Roy J. Wasson Academic Campus
    Refresh Your Education


    Digital High School is a School District 11 credit recovery program serving El Paso County students.  

    • We serve students ages 16 - 20
    • Enroll any time of the year
    • Work on one class at a time
    • Work at your own pace
    • Certified teacher in every classroom
    • We offer 58 various courses using the GradPoint Learning program
    • Weekly instruction on individualized post-secondary goals
    • Work in a solitary learning environment
    • Students can earn up to 20 or more credits a school year
    • We offer free day care (certain conditions exist)
    • We offer free school transportation between high schools (certain conditions exist)




    Monday - Thursday
    Morning session: 7:10 - 11:35
     Afternoon session: 11:40 - 4:05
    Evening session: 4:05 - 6:30

    Morning session 7:10 - 10:50
    Afternoon session:  11:20 - 3:00


    Breakfast: 7:15 - 9:00
    Lunch: 10:55- 11:25

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