• General

    Colorado Springs School District 11 provides pupil transportation services for all grade levels of its student population. Of the 7,700 students eligible for transportation, approximately 3,200 utilize the service each day, to and from school. Approximately 350 of these students are provided special needs transportation as a related service in support of their individualized education plan (IEP).


    The department consists of 144 personnel: 112 drivers, 10 bus assistants, 22 operations, training, safety, technology, mechanics, administration and operations support personnel.


    Each of the District’s 72 daily bus routes serve two to three school sites every morning and afternoon. Approximately 10 noon routes provide mid-day special needs services. Field trip support is provided for classes and the District’s athletic program before, after and in-between morning and afternoon routes. The school bus fleet logs over 1 million miles per year including 160,000 miles for field trip support.