• Colorado Springs School District 11, based upon the number of students in an area that qualify for transportation services and the condition of the road to be traveled, establishes bus routes.  The goal of the Transportation Department is to maintain at least 95 % occupancy for routes providing services to eligible students.  Most regular education route buses are rated at a 65-passenger capacity (three students to a seat). 

    In establishing bus routes, an attempt will be made to establish the route so that it will not be more than one-half mile from the residence of the students to the nearest bus stop.  

    Bus stops are designed to comply with state law regarding students' embarking and disembarking on major thoroughfares.  Bus stops will be planned so that a student does not have to cross a major thoroughfare immediately after getting off the bus.  Bus stops will not be set up along major thoroughfares whenever access is possible by the use of an adjacent street or road.  A "major thoroughfare," as defined in state law, is a freeway, a U.S. highway outside incorporated limits, an interstate highway, a highway with four or more lanes, or a road with a median separating multiple lanes of traffic.  Two-lane highways will be exempt from this requirement if the board in consultation with local traffic officials determines they can be crossed safely.   

    Drivers are to make no changes whatsoever in routes or receiving and discharging points except in cases where road conditions require an immediate decision and such changes are absolutely required.  When such conditions prevail, safety of the students is to be the governing factor.  Drivers report such conditions to the transportation supervisor as soon as possible.

    Routes, bus stops and schedules will be designed for the start of each school year.  In early August, prior to the start of the school year, route numbers, stops and times will be made available on the district 11 parent app (the Loop).  Stop times are the time of departure from the stop.  Students should be at the stop at least 5 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time.  Time will be based on the Naval Observatory Master Clock (phone 567-6742 or on the WEB at Departure times from schools will be published and adhered to.  Students should be on the bus at least 1 minute prior to departure and should not loiter outside the bus, waiting for the departure time.  If buses depart on time, they shall not be called back to the school for students who miss the bus.  Once buses start to move they will not stop to allow students to board.  Students should not run after the bus as it departs.  Route times for delivering students are approximate arrival times at bus stops.  

    Routes will be continuously evaluated during the school year to ensure maximum ridership.  As such, some routes may be redesigned or combined during the school year.  When this occurs, the school, parents and students will be notified prior to implementation.  

    Establishing / Changing Routes and Bus Stops

    School administrators can request the establishment of / or changes to bus routes and bus stops.  Requests for the start of the new school year should be submitted in writing to the Routing and Scheduling Supervisor in the Transportation Department annually, no later than May 1st each year.  Requested changes to existing routes can be submitted anytime during the school year.  Student and / or parents can also request changes.  These will be submitted to the Transportation Department via the school principal, who will forward the request making the appropriate recommendation.            

    The Director of Transportation will be the approving authority for establishing and changing routes and bus stops.  Appeals to the Director’s decision can be forwarded to the Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) Chairman.  The TAC will provide a recommendation to the Deputy Superintendent of Business Support Services for review and decision.  Appeals to the Deputy Superintendent’s decision may then be forwarded to the Superintendent of Schools for final determination.