Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC)

  • Colorado Springs School District 11 is seeking parent participation on its Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) to address the safety, reliability, effectiveness and efficiency of District 11 provided Transportation Services.  

    Goal #1 - Student Achievement

    One of the goals of the Transportation Department is to transport students safely, on time and arriving at school ready to learn. The optimum use of the district’s transportation resources should facilitate efforts of improving student achievement.

    Goal #2 - Safety

    Safety of Students is and always will be the first priority of the District’s Transportation Program. 

    Goal #3 - Community

    Participation on the committee involves considerable communications and interaction with the community and stakeholder.

    Goal #4 - Effective and Efficient

    Participants will be involved with an evaluation of the effective and efficient use of the district’s Transportation assets and resources.  In addition they will participate in the evaluation of criteria for district provided transportation service and eligibility. 

    Committee Composition

    This committee will exist for the purpose of executing the above charged tasks and is a standing committee.  This committee needs representation from a broad spectrum of the District 11 community.  The committee should, if feasible, include representation from the following sectors of the District 11 community (Note: individual committee members may represent more than one area or constituency):

    • Citizens from a cross section of the geographic section of the District
    • Parents of students from each of the school levels
    • District Division of Instruction, Security, Communications, Risk Management, Special Needs and Transportation
    • City of Colorado Springs – Traffic Engineering / Streets Division, Ridefinders, Springs Transit and Police Department
    • School administrators from each of the school levels
    • If you would like to submit an application for consideration as one of the citizen members (there could be as many as 8-10), please fill out an application using our electronic application form.

    How to apply for the Transportation Advisory Committee

     Application Form

    The application form includes some detailed information that will be used to select citizen members for the TAC.  The more complete the information is, the more it helps with the selection process.  The only required information is a complete name, residence address, and contact phone number.  An e-mail address is very useful as a lot of information will be communicated via e-mail. 

    All application information will be treated as confidential.  Access to the detailed data will be limited to the Deputy Superintendent / Chief Financial Officer and a select number of the senior leadership of the district that will participate in the selection process. 

    Schedule.  It is envisioned that the duration of the Transportation Advisory Committee will cover multiple years, as it oversees the execution of the Transportation Program.  Committee meetings will be held quarterly (as needed) on the third Thursday of the month from September through May.  Other periods of time may be required to conduct evaluations.