• Coaches, Teachers, D-11 Staff & Representatives Transporting Students
    Authorization to Drive Students
    All coaches, teachers and D-11 staff that transport students in vehicles rated at 15 passengers and below, are required to attend the District’s Activity Trip Operator Training Course. This training is required by the Colorado Department of Education (CDE). Training is not required for those who transport students in their personal owned vehicle (POV) if the employee is not being compensated for the transportation, it is not a scheduled route and personal insurance covers the students in the driver’s POV.
    An Activity Trip Operator is a teacher, coach, other district employee and / or representative that transports students to events sanctioned by the school district other than route operations.
    To maintain a current Activity Trip Operator Qualification drivers are required by CDE to annually take a written test and provide medical information on CDE’s STU 17 form.
    All vehicles owned, leased or rented by the district or its representatives for the purpose of transporting students will be operated by drivers who have obtained the proper level of training for the type of vehicle being operated.
    To enroll in a training class or take the annual CDE written test, contact the Transportation Training, Certification and Safety Section at 520-2948.
    Parents who volunteer occasionally to drive their own vehicles must be registered with the District 11 Communications and Community Services office. This office can be reached at 520-2162.
    Use of Non-Conforming Vans
    Vans designed to carry 8 to 15 passengers shall not be used to transport students under any circumstances, this includes commuting to / from school or for non-curricular activities.
    NHTSA refers to these small passenger vans, while used in school transportation service, as "non-conforming." The phrase non-conforming van arises principally from two conditions:
    Passenger vans (generally carrying 8 to 15 passengers) are not manufactured to the same stringent federal motor vehicle safety standards as traditional yellow school buses. As a result, these vehicles do not provide the same degree of occupant protection to passengers as do school buses.
    When these vans are used in school service, whether for regular route service or more commonly for activity or athletic trips, they do not conform to federal law, which requires that children being transported in vehicles in school service must meet several federal safety standards. Hence the term non-conforming. 
    Multifunction Buses
    The District has purchased five 14 – Passenger Vehicles (Modified Type A School Bus) for use in lieu of renting / leasing 8 – 15 passenger vans. These buses are designed to carry 14 passengers plus the driver. Because they carry fewer than 16 passengers, teachers and coaches who lack commercial driver’s licenses can drive these smaller buses after receiving District provided training.
    These vehicles are limited to use only by a qualified Activity Trip Operator with Multifunction Bus Training.
    The Multifunction Buses are assigned one per high school and are controlled by each high school’s athletic director. Activity Buses can be scheduled through the District 11 High School Athletic Directors (AD) by calling:
    School                        AD Phone Number
    Coronado                         328-3641
    Doherty                           328-6443
    Palmer                             328-5043
    Mitchell                            328-6643
    Wasson                            328-2031
    Events that require more than one activity bus (1 driver, 14 passengers) should consider scheduling a full sized school bus with District 11 Transportation as their first option. If an additional multifunction bus becomes necessary, the trip sponsor or the Activity Trip Operator will have to coordinate with more than one AD to schedule the additional bus(es).
    Costs of Multifunction Buses:  Schools / Organizations will be charged a fee of $1.40 per mile for vehicle usage by the scheduling school or department. Cleaning costs may be assessed, if the bus is not properly cleaned after use. 
    To accommodate even smaller student groups or teams the District has purchased two Suburbans (Driver & 7 passengers).  These are available for use by Activity Trip Operators who have been certified by District 11 Transportation (does require multifunction bus portion of the Activity Trip Operator training).
    The Suburbans are scheduled through the Transportation Training Section at 520-2948.
    The cost for using the Suburbans is nominal; the driver is responsible for fueling the vehicle (full tank) at the end of the trip, before returning it to Transportation (5240 Geiger Blvd). Cleaning costs may be assessed, if the bus is not properly cleaned after use. 
    Out of the Local Area Trips
    If a trip, using a multifunction bus, suburban or small vehicle is going out of the Pikes Peak region, out of state, or if it will be gone overnight, the sponsor will be required to notify Risk Management, Property and Vehicle Adjuster at 520-2398 prior to the trip. 
    Limitations on Use of District Owned Vehicles
    These vehicles may not be used for personal use or for any reason other than to transport students and staff to and from district-sanctioned events.
    Multifunction buses and Suburbans may not be used for transporting students from home to school, school to home or on regularly scheduled school-to-school trips.
    These vehicles may not be used off road or to tow trailers or other vehicles. All Multifunction Buses are limited to paved road operations (no – off road / unimproved roads).
    The driver is responsible for any tolls or fines imposed while driving the vehicle. 
    Minimum Requirements for an Activity Trip Operator  
    1. Shall possess a valid Colorado operator’s license.
    2. Shall be at least 21 years of age.
    3. Shall have an annual motor vehicle records check.
    4. Must receive pre-service training on Multifunction Bus or Small Vehicle from the District 11 Transportation Department.
    5. Must pass the Colorado Department of Education Small Vehicle / Multifunction Bus Operator Written Test (annual) with a score of 85% or better.
    6. Shall meet qualification standards and insurance coverage as adopted by the board of education / District 11 Risk Management / District 11 Transportation Department.
    7. Shall annually answer a Medical Questionnaire required by CDE (STU 17). Link to CDE STU 17 - 
    Training and Qualification of Activity Trip Operators 
    1. Individuals desiring to drive a small vehicle (15 passengers or less) must have the approval of the principal or designated representative of the school for which they drive.
    2. Training can be scheduled with the District 11 Department of Transportation, Training, Certification and Safety Office at 520-2948. Quarterly classes will be scheduled by Transportation or more frequently as required.
    3. Applicants will be required to provide The District 11 Transportation Department with a current copy (within the last 2 months) of their motor vehicle driving record (MVR) obtained from the department of motor vehicles. Those who have not provided a copy of the MVR will not be eligible for training.
    4. The District 11 Director of Transportation or his designated representative will review all moving violations appearing on the driving record to determine eligibility. Applicants with a total of 6 or more points will not be eligible.
    5. Applicants will be scheduled for a training class and administration of the CDE Small Vehicle / Multifunction Bus Operator Test. Drivers will obtain the necessary qualifications upon successful completion of the classes, tests and road drive.
    6. The District 11 Transportation Department will send for and review all small Activity Trip Operator’s driving records annually for continued eligibility.
    7. A list of drivers who are qualified, with their certification expiration date, will be maintained by the District 11 Department of Transportation. A report of eligible drivers will be provided to high school athletic directors upon request. 
    Responsibilities of Activity Trip Operators 
    1. Safety of all passengers / vehicle occupants will be the first priority of all Activity Trip Operators.
    2. Understand and comply with the current edition and applicable provisions of 1 Colorado Code of Regulations 301-26, Colorado State Board of Education Department of Education.
    3. Scheduling of the vehicle / coordination with the high school athletic director / District 11 Department of Transportation for use as necessary.
    4. Providing the high school AD with a copy of the Passenger Manifest, prior to departure. Providing an additional copy to the your school administration office, prior to departure. Retaining a copy of the passenger list to be taken on the trip.
    5. Conduct vehicle pre-trip inspection. Report all defects to District 11 Fleet Maintenance at (719) 520-2950. Any damage to the vehicle should be reported to the AD prior to departure and upon return.
    6. Brief all passengers on emergency evacuation procedures prior to departure.
    7. Ensure that all luggage is secured in the luggage space and that all passengers are wearing seat belts.
    8. Ensure passenger / student conduct is consistent with safe vehicle operating practices and CDE Regulations.
    9. Complete the District 11 Vehicle Usage Report.
    10. For multifunction buses, during Cold Weather (15 Oct – 1 May) / overnight, out of town trips the block heater shall be plugged in to ensure operability of the bus on the following morning.
    11. Clean and Fuel the vehicle prior to returning to the high school / FOTC lot. For after hours return - secure the lot upon your departure / return.
    12. Complete Post-Trip Inspection. Document any vandalism and identify if possible the individual responsible for the damage. Collections for repairs will be made by District 11 Risk Management from the individual. If Risk Management is unable to collect, charges to repair any vandalism or damage will be billed to the activity trip operator’s school account.